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Bradley Marquez

No description

Brian Kim

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of Bradley Marquez

Roadmap of Presentation
History of Bradley Marquez
Background of Key Personnel
Primary Problem
Case Analysis
Application of Theory
Alternative Courses of Action
Our Recommendation
Image by Tom Mooring
Bradley Marquez
Three Questions

1. What did management learn from the Vail experience?

2. How should Lauder carry out a layoff this time?

3. Was there any way to make a layoff a tolerable experience?

What would you do if you found out that an entire office in your company was laid-off?
Because Bradley and Marquez do not have a long-term strategy for the company, there is a lack of communication between higher management, managers, and employees, a disconnect between values and actions, lack of transparency, and roles for what managers and “survivors” can look towards.

Core Issue
David Bowden, James Speight, Annie Preske, Alex Sypher, Brian D Kim
Jim Bradley
Alberto Marquez
Marketing experience
Director of Vibe
Established Vibe’s online presence
Marketing efforts for magazines
Details, Life, and Vibe
Condé Nast and NewsCorp
Studied creative writing in college

Created Urban Desires
web culture e-magazine
Director of image processing
YAR Communications
Founder and President
World Wide Web Artists Consortium
Studied acting in college
Professional actor and screenwriter

Chief Operating Officer, North America
Marketing and sales roles at IBM
Executive, product manager, international business manager, region director at Microsoft
MBA in finance and international business
Studied electrical engineering in college

Andrew Lauder
Mike Rollins
Started with Bradley Marquez in client services
Account Director for an advertising agency
Manager of the Vail Office

What did management learn from Vail?
What are some unintended consequences
of downsizing?

Other unintended costs of downsizing
Potential risk for lawsuits
Decreased job satisfaction
Losing goodwill toward the customer
Costs to re-hire and re-train
Are the employees taking clients with them?

Was there any way to make the layoff a more tolerable experience?
Wait out recession, hope for economic recovery
Let revenues continue to decline
Utilize portions of cash cushion

1. No layoffs or improvements
2. Use Cash Cushion

Shows that layoffs come as last resort
Helps company survive until economic recovery
Reduces opportunity for growth after recession ends
Unable to use in emergency situations

Exactly like Vail
May not have intended impact
Morale >>>
Cycle of Downsizing

“Not even two weeks to get a lifeline, it was a done deal.” –Rollins (p.4)

A message from Dean Reinemund

“It needs to be legitimate” –Dean Reinemund


Our Recommendation: No layoffs
1. Redevelop the Business Model (Opportunity)
Individualize branch performance criteria (i.e. the network model)

2. Cost Saving Methods
3. Communicate business model to survivors
4. Immediate and long-term cash saving tactics
“We did not look into corporate overhead,” said Lauder, “nor did we take a very complete look at how many non-billable staff would be affected by this move.” (p.5)
‘The double kicker… was that management was deciding to close (Rollin’s) office and they were also simultaneously telling his people they were not valuable enough to transfer.’ (p. 4)
Think through the decision; avoid knee-jerk reaction
“Vail: Round 2”
Cut entire office
Clear reason why there is layoff
Translate and communicate
Severance packages, job search assistance
Long-term corporate strategy and optimization of market demand
Solidify mission statement to complement business decisions
Top-down: List of 20 alternative solutions
Bottom-up: Corporate asks individual office managers for ways to cut costs. Managers talk to Lauder to contribute ideas
Communicate to employee where firm wants to be in 5 years (long-term plan)
Retraining programs
Involving employees and managers in decision-making process
Across the board pay cuts
Shortened work weeks
Voluntary sabbaticals
Decreased 401k benefits
Voluntary early retirement
Layoff was a rash decision
Poorly communicated to employees
Rollins undermined
Alternatives lacked long-term viability
Lauder implements alone
Timing with earnings report (Christmas)

Severance packages were "generous"
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