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Personal promotion presentation

online presentation

Chung Shun Liao

on 15 August 2011

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Transcript of Personal promotion presentation

Education & qualifications Work & Club Experience Griffith University Master of Information Syatem Queensland University of Technology Master of Business (major in marketing) Nanhua University Bachelor of Communication Management Interests & Hobbies Chung Shun Liao Competitive advantage Hobbies Enrolment unit in Nanhua University Position: Enrolment Assistant Interests Personal Skill (cc) photo by Jakob Montrasio was bron on March 16 1982 Sep/2006-Jun/2007 References Club Association in Nanhua University Position: Equipment Leader Nov/2003 – Aug/2006 Yun-Xin Club in Nanhua University Position: Equipment Leader Sep/2005-Jun/2006 Chen, Chien-Ping
05-2721001 ext. 1120 Task management and execution High coordination and communication skills willing to learn Flexible but punctual Confident of major Active and conscientious focus on tasks Learning Abilities • Jogging
• Reading
• Cooking Advertising
Learning News written
Video made
Data collection and analysis
Marketing research and analysis
Advertising strategy analysis
Marketing Plan and presentation High level of pressure resistance
Outgrow myself for challenge
Positive relationship on workplace
Task excution and management
Personal responsibility
Coordination and communication skills
Group cooperation Skill
Problem-solved ability
Working independent skill Application reasons Interesting in advertising
willing to learn about advertising
like challenge
like to contact with people
Don’t abandon for mission
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