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Digital Immersion Presentation for DI2010

No description

Jeremy Brown

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Digital Immersion Presentation for DI2010

What Is Digital Immersion? What courses make up the DI program?
The Projects
This is an example of a Schedule for a 2009/2010 (current) DI student: Technology - What do you need?
What type of student excels in the course?
Innovative 1. Applications of Technology This is the course where you learn to use the tools
For example - Prezi, Notely, Google Apps, Social Bookmarking,
Wiki's, SharePoint, etc... Digital Backpacks Passion Projects The Core Academics Science 9
Social Studies 9
English 9 The goals of the DI program are to create sudents who are:

Digitally Literate and Responsible

Safe and Effective navigators of the world wide web

Productive and Authentic Researchers

Collaborative and Networked Digital Immersion 9 is one part of Riverside's Technology Initiative Riverside's Technology Initiative includes:

1. DI 9 (Applications of Technology, Science 9, Socials Studies 9 and English 9)

2. DI 10 (Science 10, Social Studies 10 and English 10)

3. Learning with Technology 11 (English 11 and Social Studies 11)

4. Science Co-Op (Math 11, Chemistry 11, Physics 11 and Work Experience 11) Welcome to the Digital Immersion
Information Night! If you are buying a computer
A Laptop/Netbook running the following:
Windows XP/Vista/7 or Mac OS 10.5
Virus software that will run the entire year
Wireless Capabilities at home If you plan on renting a netbook from the school
Cost is $25 per month
Dell Mini 9s Questions?
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