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Black Inventor


brandon her

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Black Inventor

Black Inventors
Keychains value
Impact on History
Impacts of Keychains
work cited
what mistakes were made?
what steps were involved in the inventor's creation?
How long did the invention take?
Who is the Inventor?
WHY invention was made?
What did Frederick j. Loudin invent?
The Inventor
Frederick j. Loudin was an teacher, impresario, manufacturer, and Fisk Jubilee Singer. Frederick owned an company that made shoes. Many colleges refused to let Frederick join because of his race. Frederick was one of the famous singers in the 1900's and toured around the world for 6 years. Loudin collapse in Scotland during the fall of 1902 and died 2 years later after returning home.
Frederick J. Loudin invented the Keychain in 1894.
Keychains were invented because, in the 1800's
people were pick pocketed and people would
easily lose their keys. Keychains prevented from
losing keys and being pick pocketed by other
people in the 1900's.
Keychains impact on history was great since it was made back then when there was no guns. Keychains were later changed into something more useful in the 1900's. In the 1900's many people had customized keychains.
Key chains are still used today and there are many designable keychain out there. Keychains made life easier because it helped people to know which key is which and made it less likely to lose the keys.
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