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Ecosystem Assignment

No description

Jessica Treich

on 5 October 2010

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Transcript of Ecosystem Assignment

Ecosystem Assignment What's your favorite? writing being artistic computers Create a project that shows your understanding of one of the types of ecosystems (forest, grassland, aquatic). This can be a drawing, poster, or scrapbook. If you don't think you can meet all criteria in your artistic portion you can attach a small piece of writing to address the rubric requirements. How will I be graded?
Accurate depiction of an ecosystem
Show/explain importance of an ecosystem
Include 15 parts of an ecosystem, correctly labeled
Neatness, organization, correct spelling, grammar if applicable
Appropriate use of class time When is this project due?
You will have the rest of today and tomorrow's class periods to work on this assignment. After that the assignment becomes homework and it will be due at the beginning of class on Friday. Use a computer to create a presentation, flyer, or brochure about one type of ecosystem. You can use a computer program such as powerpoint an publisher, or online software like prezi or wallwisher. Write a creative piece of work about your choice of ecosystem (grassland, forest, aquatic). Use adjectives to make it descriptive in order to accurately depict life in an ecosystem and how all of the parts work together. In all three options you must find a way to depict the importance of an ecosystem to both animals and humans. There should be at least 15 parts of an ecosystem included and labeled, they can be both biotic and abiotic.
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