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a mobile gaming app that re-envisions news & activism by encouraging activism around news stories that people care about

Josephine Dorado

on 6 December 2015

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Transcript of reACTor

"Play The News"
Mobile News Meets Mobile Gaming
It's pretty sweet
The Problem
reACTor will close the gap
Laying the Foundation
And Why Now is the Time to Launch It
Meet the Team & Advisors
Japan Earthquake Relief
This gap right here
Online Activism
"Use the Internet's Power to Make the World Suck Less."
-Alexis Ohanian,
Without Their Permission
There is currently no overarching service or structure
that represents the future of Internet activism.
All of these initiatives were only possible
with this timeframe and scale
because of the Internet
+ + =
Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)
Philippines Relief
Hurricane Sandy
Presented by Josephine Dorado, Jeremy Pesner
Mobile News

Pew Research's
Smartphone Ownership 2013
Image of mobile devices: Telefónica Deutschland via flickr
Maybe you can hire... the R team
Josephine Dorado*
Fulbright NY Chapter President
& Concept Director
Jeremy Pesner
Technology Policy Analyst, Game Expert
Social Innovation Fellow at StartingBloc
Derek Gildea
Game Designer & US Institute of Peace Associate
Adam Ellick*
New York Times Journalist, Member of Innovation Committee
Philip Lyon*
Fulbright NCAC Chapter Past President,
Business Development at Al Jazeera America
Samantha Barry
Social Media Producer at BBC

Pew Research's
State of the News Media 2013
Entertainment Software Association's
Industry Facts
Games: King of the Mobile Eco-System
*Fulbright Alum
Kara Andrade*
Ashoka Fellow & Journalist
Jessica Dheere
Co-Founder of @SMEx
Myriad of efforts
Different tools, foci, stakeholders
People want to help but are not sure how
Flurries of activity
You can see what's going on around you & what you can do about it
Mobile game that encourages activism around stories you care about
Mobile Gaming
Average gamer is 30 years old

Gender balance:
45% are female

62% of gamers play with others

36% on their phones

80% of revenue
in Apple & Google's stores

1/2 of all app downloads
(in Sept 2013)
91% of US adults use their mobiles to go online

43% of mobile users said they consume more news because of mobile usage

Current Facebook news feed a "personal newspaper"

Users consume news from a plethora of sites, platforms & devices
How times have changed...
Over 1/2 of US population owns a smartphone
Most read item in NY Times in 2013:
Dialect Quiz
1 in 5 globally
1 in 17: tablet
within 3 days of publishing
Gaming is king
Trevor Knoblich
Digital Director at
Online News Association
Linking news to actions
Why would news outlets be interested?
NY Times spent $70 million in advertising
BBC spent £68.7 million in advertising
Amplifying news reach
Augmented Activism
News item
Actions you can take
Get points for acting on the news
Challenge friends to join you
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