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Finnish Energy

No description

Sini Mäkeläinen

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Finnish Energy

Consumption, Production and Politics Finnish Energy Contents Total consumption of energy in 2011 Sources Production and acquisition of energy in 2011 Electricity The production of energy in the Nordic countries and Estonia Consumption, production and acquisition Politics The consumption of energy
Production and acquisition of energy
Northern comparison History
Present situation and future goals History Present situation and future goals Sectors Heating Sini Mäkeläinen
MA student, University of Tampere
School of Management Energy politics and policies General characteristics One of the largest energy consumptions per capita in Europe The northern location
Heavy industry
Long logistic distances The level of energy efficiency is high
There are no domestic sources of fossil fuels
The demand for energy fluctuates between winter and summer different heating systems Production of district heating by sources For long the sector has been regulated by the state
The industry has had an important impact on Finnish energy policies. Some experts claim that this is still the case Part two: International and national climate and environ-mental agreements shape energy policies
The EU has had a great impact on Finnish energy policies.
20-20-20: 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
Raising the share of energy produced with renewable resources to 20% (38% for Finland)
20% improvement in energy efficiency
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