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Allusions in Songs

No description


on 24 November 2015

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Transcript of Allusions in Songs

Allusions in Songs
By: Kailee Eisenhour
3rd Hour

an expression designed to call something to mind without mentioning it explicitly
Allusion #1
Allusion: "If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman?"
Song Title: Kryptonite - 3 doors down
To whom or what it refers: The lyrics in the song
Meaning: Supermans don't go crazy, they save lives.
Allusions #2
Allusion: "Somewhere between like, Rocky & Cosby, Sweater Gang"
Song Title: Macklemore - Thrift Shop
To whom or what it refers: He referenced two actors Sylvester Salone in the movie Rocky, and Bill Cosby in the Cosby show.
Meaning: He looks up at how Rocky & Cosby were in a sweater gang.
Allusion #3
Allusion - "Some Spanish girls love me like I'm Aventura..."
Song Title: Drake - The Motto
To whom or what it refers: Drake is referencing Aventura which is a Spanish Bachata band
Meaning: He wants to be like Aventura so Spanish girls can love him.
Alluion #4
Allusion: "I almost made a song dissing Lil Wayne"
Song Title: Enimen - Talking to Myself
To whom or what it refers - Enimen is referencing Lil Wayne (Rapper)
Meaning: He likes to rap just like Lil Wayne
Allusion #5
Allusion: "Iv'e got moves like jagger"
Song Title: Maroon 5 - Moves like Jagger
To whom or what it refers: Maroon 5 is referring to Mick Jagger
Meaning: He has moves like jagger just like Mick Jagger
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