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Advertising Analysis

No description

Courtney Boisvert

on 17 March 2013

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Transcript of Advertising Analysis

Advertising Analysis and Presentation By: Chloe, Shelby and Courtney What is the underlying message in the ad? What is your personal reaction? Are any stereotypes being presented? What fears are being suggested? What catchy words or slogans are being used? What is the brand name or product? What are the significant visual images? Who is the target audience? The name of the brand is Covergirl, and the product is new and improved natureluxe silk foundation. The target audience for our product are females. The age range differs to whenever the customer starts wearing makeup to the day they stop. This product is priced for middle to high class paying people. The product is made for people of all races. Some of the significant visual images on the advertisement is Taylor Swift and the Covergirl foundation product that Taylor is modeling with. The advertisement used slogans such as "Breath of fresh air" and "Light as air feeling" throughout the ad to portray the benefits and bonus's of using the product. Advertising analysis Emotional Transfer
Fitting in
Famous People
It's Easy
Scale Emotional Transfer- is the process of generating emotions in order to transfer them to a product. For example, a Coke ad shows happy, beautiful people but tells us nothing about the product. The point is to make you feel good and to transfer that feeling to the brand or product. This is the number one and most important process of media manipulation. Taylor has nothing to do with the product but she has perfect skin and natural beauty, giving the impression that if you buy the product you will look visibly flawless and it will make you look beautiful. Hype- don't believe it. Be skeptical of exaggerating claims, such as "America's favorite burger." Statements like these are meaningless and vague, but sounds good. Fitting in- is a very common technique that tries to influence us by stating that if everyone else is buying the product, so should you. This is often seen in beer commercials, which promotes a "big lie" that everyone drinks. Cute-Children and animals always steal the show. Family and "girl next door" also fit this category. Taylor being a model citizen doing charity work with the red cross. Beautiful- people are usually used to glamorize merchandise, especially unhealthy products like alcohol, tobacco and junk food. Models are actors generally have rare body types, and don't represent average people, but idealized notions of beauty that are constantly changing (compare, for example, Marilyn Monroe's body to a contemporary actress or model. Famous people-such as Michael Jordan make products appealing and attractive through association. It's easy- simple solutions are often used to convince us that a product will solve our problems, such as "bald spot hair spray will get you a date," or "doorknob disinfectant wipes keep us healthy." Larger ideological messages are common as well, such as "cars enable us to conquer nature." Femininity- is another gender stereotype used in a variety of ads, from teen make-up commercials to alcohol ads. Repitition- is done to reiterate a sales pitch over and over again, like the phone ads that repeatedly display and annunciate the phone number to access their service (for example the Carrot Top ATT ads). Flattery- is used to make you feel good about you as a consumer and that you are making the right choice when you chose a product. "Smart people like you always buy premium aquariums when purchasing exotic fish..." Scale- This is when advertisers make a product look bigger or smaller than it actually is. Our personal reaction to the ad is that we want to go out and purchase the makeup to see if it really does give you a natural not cakey look, but still provide coverage of imperfections on your face. Some of the fears being suggested would be physical appearance, as the advertisement projects "flawless coverage," customers may be afraid that bystanders might be able to tell that the women are wearing makeup and therefore trying to cover up an imperfection she may be trying to hide. The underlying message in the ad is to enhance your natural beauty, using the naturaluxe product slightly improves your over all look boosting any confidence that was lacking before. A reference to a figure, place, event, idea or object from myth, religion, history, literature, society or popular culture. Allusion A short, often witty statement that expresses advice or a perceived truth. Aphorism The prevailing feeling in a text, created through word choice, descriptive details, and imagery. Atmosphere Cliche A phrase that is used repeatedly, lacking originality. Connotation The associations or implications of a word beyond its literal meaning. Euphemism The substitution of a milder or more positive expression for a harsher or more explicit one. Hyperbole Extravagant exaggeration used for effect Onomatopoeia The use of words that sound like what they signify- buzz, splash, hiss Personification A figure of speech in which an inanimate object, animal of an abstract concept is endowed with human features. Light touch of cucumber is an example of personification as it is a figure of speech in which the abstract concept is endowed with human features. Repetition The purposeful re-use of words and phrases for an effect. Simile A figure of speech making a comparison between two things using "like" or "as". What needs or desires are being targeted? What advertising techniques are being used? Literary Terms Alliteration
Simile Alliteration The repetition of initial consonant sounds For example the flawless finish, light as air feel, and light touch of cucumber, as seen in the advertisement. Since as long as most people can remember the idea of flawless, perfect and poised woman has been very appealing to men (meaning they were beautiful, almost perfect) making the product refer back to past memories. Using this product women will give the allusion of perfect skin, if perfect or flawless skin isn't something she may have. Conclusion Introduction Our product is Cover girl natureluxe foundation. The advertisement uses "weasel words" to draw in consumers to give the product a positive outlook without making any guarantees. Yes, because they make Taylor look flawless, innocent and well put together which is the characteristics of the ideal female. 'Introducing a breath of fresh air, flawless coverage with a light as air feel' By making this statement advertisers are stating that the makeup is going to make your skin look flawless, and also cover all your imperfections, this statement may not necessarily work with your skin type possibly perceiving truth. 'A breath of fresh air' They make the foundation sound like when
you put it on your skin, it will feel weightless
and fresh, allowing the customer to imagine how the product may feel on her face further interesting her in the foundation possibly purchasing the merchandise. Flawless coverage and lightweight feel are some of the phrases that are used repeatedly, lacking originality. "Natureluxe" and "Heavy synthetic" are associations and implications that are words used beyond their literal meanings. The $180 makeup can't beat Covergirl's lightweight feel of the new and improved Natureluxe foundation. The advertisement makes Taylor Swift look flawless, light and lifted. Making the customer want to feel the same way as Taylor to further boost confidence. Silk and wow are used in the advertisement to further interest the customer. These words are used to sound just like what they signify. Breath of fresh air, flawless coverage, light as air feel, taking out the heavy synthetic and adding a light touch of cucumber. These repetitions are positive words that customers will feel confident using on their faces as every female will hope for these perfections to be looked after when using a face product. "Light as air feeling". Covergirl is advertising that when you use the naturaluxe product your face will have a "light as air feeling" just like you would like to feel with any other product to feel free and like you arn't wearing makeup. We would recommend this product for anyone who is interested in a flawless finish or who might be looking to try a new foundation with improvements to enhance ones outer beauty. "Discover the flawless finish with a lightweight feel". The advertiser claims that the foundation will give you flawless skin. They are trying to convince the costumer the foundation will make your skin look flawless, which would appeal to those will small imperfections to make themselves feel better and more confident on a daily basis. Taylor Swift is considered "America's sweetheart, she is viewed as a sweet and innocent girl, making her a good choice for the advertisement. Taylor Swift is naturally beautiful and overall flawless glamorizing the foundation. Having a gorgeous well known singer, Taylor Swift advertise the foundation makes the product more appealing and attractive through association as the description says above. The brand Covergirl plasters "flawless finish" over the advertisement as after you use the product your face will feel "light-as-air" and have a light, fresh feeling. Making you think that using this foundation will erase any imperfections. In the advertisement Taylor looks flawless, young, lifted, and beautiful making her look like the ideal girl. In the advertisement it says "Even the $180 makeup cant beat Covergirl naturaluxe foundation for a lightweight feel". Making the customer feel like buying the Covergirl product is the right choice when choosing a foundation product. Looking at the product in a magazine, the foundation tube may seem bigger than the actual size of the foundation when it is purchased. One may desire safer makeup, taking the heavy synthetic out of the original product and adding a light touch of cucumber may make a customer more comfortable in buying the product. Using a foundation females are looking for a full coverage and this advertisement says numerous times how the foundation will give you a flawless coverage and have a light as air feeling while wearing it. Repeating the flawless finish that will be seen on your face after using the product reiterates the sale of the foundation.
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