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Book Talk

No description

Alexis Fawcett

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Book Talk

Saving ARM PIT
Natalie Hyde

Book Talk
Saving Arm Pit
Do You like baseball? I do! This book is about a group of young boys and girls that live in a small town called Harmony Point in Canada. On April Fools Day some vandals had spray painted out a few key letters on there HARMONY POINT town sign so it now read ARM PIT . Clay's ears went red every time he saw it.
Saving Arm Pit
The Baseball team called the Terriers haven't won a game in 2 seasons. Luckily the new postmaster became there new coach. Do you think they can win a game or 2 or even the championship? The chances are very slim.
So do you think they win? Read this exciting fiction book, Saving Arm Pit by Natalie Hyde to find out.

Saving Arm Pit

Just as things started getting better for the Terriers, Coach Blackmore could lose his job at the post office. So the Terriers started writing letters to the people of the town so the post office would get more mail and stay in business and Coach Blackmore coul keep his job.

Saving Arm Pit
Saving Arm Pit
Saving Arm Pit
Saving Arm Pit
Saving Arm Pit
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