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The Mark of Athena

No description

Alexander Ratzman

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of The Mark of Athena

This book is the third in The Heroes of Olympus series books about demigods. Hera/Juno, the goddess of marriage, made the demigods Jason and Percy lose their memories and switched them to each other’s camps. They also found out about the prophecy of seven. It is a quest where seven demigods have to save Rome from Gaea. Characters Percy Jackson - A Greek demigod who is the son of Poseidon. He can control water.
Jason Grace - A Roman demigod who is the son of Jupiter (Zeus in Greek form). He can conjure lightning and he can fly.
Annabeth Chase - A Greek demigod who is the daughter of Athena. Her mother told her to follow the Mark of Athena.
Leo Valdez - A Greek demigod who is the son of Hephaestus. Because of this, he is really good with machines and created and captains the Argo II. He can also use fire power which is rare even for a son of Hephaestus.
Piper McLean - A Greek demigod who is the daughter of Aphrodite so she can charmspeak (make someone agree with her) people. She also has a knife that reveals to her events from past, present, and future.
Frank Zhang - A Roman demigod who is the son of Mars (Ares in Greek form). He can turn into different beings like a dragon or a bear. He also gave Hazel a piece of wood that must be protected from being burned or he will die.
Hazel Levesque - A Roman demigod who is the daughter of Pluto (Hades in Greek form). She died but came back when her brother Nico brought her back. She can also tunnel underground easily.
Nico di Angelo - A Greek demigod who is the son of Hades. He was captured by the giants and the seven demigods rescued him. He holds the key to Endless Death.
Coach Hedge - The satyr (half goat) who is the chaperone of the demigods. Prequel Summary Opinion I think that this book is a great book especially for people who like Greek and Roman Mythology. It has a lot of action and adventure. It tells the story from different points of views which makes the book cooler. I would rate this book five stars. Percy Jackson Annabeth Chase Leo Valdez Genre:Fiction
Themes Summary Don't believe everything someone says - When Annabeth was trying to get away from the spider, Arachne telling Arachne to make a giant Chinese handcuffs and tell her to go into it.

Think through before you do - Nemesis gave Leo a fortune cookie that she said could be used when he needed it but a sacrifice would be made. He used it to figure out a code that would save Frank and Hazel, but then Percy and Annabeth fell into Tarturus. Piper McLean Jason Grace Prophecies Frank Zhang Hazel Levesque Nico Diangelo Coach Hedge Before this book starts, Annabeth’s mother told her about The Mark of Athena and gave her a cursed coin. At the beginning of the book, Annabeth, Piper, Leo, and Jason flew on the Argo II (flying boat) to Camp Jupiter, the Roman camp. They came from the Greek camp, Camp Half Blood. The four were trying to find the people for the prophecy of seven and unite the camps. The Romans welcomed them and they had a feast. Afterward, Leo went on the ship but was taken over by an Eidolon (a creature that controls people and machines). He started firing the ballista at the Romans which began a war against them. The Romans fired back at the Greek ship, but Annabeth, Piper, Leo, Jason, Percy and Percy’s friends, Frank and Hazel all got away. When Leo and Hazel were getting materials to repair the ship, they met Nemesis, the god of revenge. She gave Leo a fortune cookie that she said would help him when he was in need but would come at a sacrifice. Later, Piper saw Bacchus (a Roman god that is Dionysus in Greek form) in her magical knife beckoning for them to go to Topeka. Summary Continued When they got there, Bacchus told them about the giant twins, Otis and Ephialtes, who worked for Gaea and were behind the plan to destroy Rome. Bacchus left because he sensed a trap. Percy and Jason get taken over by eidolons and fought, almost killing each other. Piper stopped them and brought them back to the boat. Then, the seven flew to Rome to save Hazel's brother, Nico and to save Rome. Frank, Hazel, and Leo used Hazel’s metal detecting skills to find Nico’s sword which they thought would lead to Nico. But, he was not with his sword and they found out it was a trap. Two broken robots came to life because of Eidolons and knocked out Hazel and Frank. Leo started building a device for a machine to destroy them and was almost done when he didn’t know the final code. He broke open the fortune cookie and put in the code to destroy the robots. Meanwhile, Jason, Percy, and Piper went and looked at another place where Piper saw in her knife. The three found Nico and fought Otis and Ephialtes. Bacchus came and helped kill Otis and Ephialtes with them because they couldn’t die without a god’s help. Then Leo, Hazel, and Frank arrived on the Argo II to get them. During all this time, Annabeth had stolen the Athena Parthenos from a spider named Arachne. Then the Argo II came to get her. When the other six got there, they captured the statue but Annabeth and Percy fell into Tartarus. Leo realized this was the sacrifice he had made.
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