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Curious Incident

book of choice presentation

Aly McGann

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Curious Incident

Major Conflict Exposition The Curious Incident
of the Dog in the
Night-Time Plot Questions Essential Questions Mark Haddon Author Biography By: Alyssa Albert &
Aly McGann The setting of the novel takes place in Swindon, Wiltshire and London, England. Swindon is Christopher's home town and he lives on Randolph street. The novel takes place in present day. This novel follows the life of Christopher Boone, who is diagnosed with Aspberger's syndrome. A neighborhood dog is murdered and Christopher sets out to solve the mystery of who did it. How does Autism affect the daily lives of others?
How has Christopher's character changed and not changed over the course of the novel? English novelist and poet
Born on September 26th, 1962 in North Hampton
Educated at Uppingham School and Merton College, Oxford
Various Jobs (People with disabilities, creating illustrations for magazines and newspapers, etc.)
Children's books Rising Action Climax Falling Action Characters/Descriptions Human vs. Society MIP “I think I would make a very good astronaut. To be a good astronaut you have to be intelligent and I’m intelligent. You also have to understand how machines work and I’m good at understanding how machines work. You also have to be someone who would like being on their own in a tiny space-craft thousands and thousands of miles away…” Modern Day Important Booknoting Details Christopher Christopher John Francis Boone- Narrator/protagonist/15 years old/mathematically gifted/Asperger's Syndrome/enjoys logic/views world in absolutes Father (Ed Boone) Father (Ed Boone)- single father of Christopher/sees to Christopher's daily needs/ protective Mother (Judy Boone) Mother (Judy Boone)- mother of Christopher/ "died of a heart attack"/remembered as loving, but impatient/struggles with Austism Mrs. Shears (Eileen Shears) Mrs. Shears (Eileen Shears)- next door neighbor of Christopher/ex-wife of Roger Shears/would often visit Christopher and his dad and cook meals and play scrabble/owner of Wellington Mr. Shears (Roger Shears) Mr. Shears (Roger Shears)- estranged husband of Eileen Shears/mysterious nature Mrs. Alexander Mrs. Alexander- elderly resident of Randolf St./quiet/grandmotherly towards Christopher/reveals important information to Christopher about his parents Siobhan Siobhan- Christopher's primary teacher at school/ even-hand mentor/ helps Christopher socially and academically/has Christopher's trust Wellington Wellington- Mrs. Shears's large black poodle/killed Christopher has problems talking to people that he isn't familiar with. This became a big problem when he decided to run away to go live with his mom. One example is when he is on the train on his way to his mother's house. He hides in the train to get away from everybody. Christopher doesn't like it when others touch him. This got him in trouble when he hit a policeman because the policeman touched his arm. He also doesn't like new places because he doesn't have a mental map of the area he's in, which scares him. As Christopher investigates Wellington’s murder, he learns that Mother and Mr. Shears had an affair, that Father and Mrs. Shears also had an affair, that Mother is alive and Father has been lying about her death, and that Father killed Wellington because he was angry with Mrs. Shears. After a harrowing journey on his own to London in which he must overcome the limits of his condition, Christopher reunites with his mother. Christopher moves in with Mother, successfully completes his A-level test in math, and begins to reestablish trust with Father. He recalls all that he has accomplished over the course of the novel and sets out a series of goals for the future. Human vs. Self Connection to Literature Lasting Impressions Why Others Should Read Christopher has problems trying to talk to people and getting the courage to get up and do something that he is not familiar with. Throughout the book, he constantly fights with himself with this. Christopher was trying to think about how he was going to get to his mother's house if he ran away. This made him very confused and unsure about where he was going since it is an unfamiliar place and he doesn't have a mental map of the route. Christopher is a very driven person and he likes to achieve goals, which made his journey a very successful one. This novel best connects to "House Rules" by Jodi Picoult, another novel highlighting the daily struggles of a child with a disability. Literary Devices Imagery
Symbolism Daily life/disability
Cruel world
Siobhan Moving
Lessons learned
Introspective Christopher: Michael Cera Mother: Leslie Mann Father: John Cusack Mr. Shears: Vince Vaughn Siobhan: Katherine Heigl Mrs. Alexander: Meryl Streep Mrs. Shears: Jennifer Aniston
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