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Hunger Games vs. Animal Farm

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Haley Sherman

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of Hunger Games vs. Animal Farm

Hunger Games vs. Animal Farm
Living Situations
In the book Animal Farm the animals are fenced in and are kept away from the other farms, this is to stop the animals from communicating with animals from other farms as then there is more of a chance to rebel.

In Hunger Games there is twelve districts and they are all fenced off from each other to maintain order and to keep the districts from teaming up to start a rebellion.
Starve in "Safety"
By Haley Sherman and Matthew Simpson
While under the control of Mr. Jones the animals had to break into the storage shed one night in order to eat as Mr. Jones forgot to feed them, a fight between animals and farmers then broke out and the animals chased Mr.Jones off the farm. With the pigs in control food was rationed but the pigs received larger rations than the rest of the animals as they were the "leaders" of the farm and it was said that they worked harder so they needed more food to eat.

This is similar to the way rations work in hunger games. Everyone had the same rations in a district but people in the capitol had all the food their heart desired while the twelve districts were starving. You could receive tessarea to make bread, but in return you would enter your name once more into the reaping.
Peacekeepers vs. Dogs
In Hunger Games the peacekeepers are demanded to keep order and peace between the districts and for anyone who can't compile to the Capitols rules, they are looked at as rebels and are killed. This is similar as to Napoleons dogs. These dogs were brought up to obey his orders and when Napoleon thinks someone is trying to rebel against him, they are killed. For Instance, in chapter 7 many animals confess that they have been urged to do crimes by snowball resulting in their own deaths. "and so the tale of confessions and executions went on, until there was a pile of corpses lying before Napoleons feet and the air was heavy with the smell of blood." (Page 84. Animal Farm)
Napoleon Vs. Snow
Napoleon treats the other pigs with the best care by giving them larger rations and allowing them to sleep in the farm house with him, in return for his generosity they obey him and help convince the other animals that life now under Napoleons control is much better than when Jones was around.
Changes in the Law
Advantages based on skill
Symbol of rebellion
Beast of England:
gave the animals hope during the rebellion and represented being free. The song was then forbidden to sing because it represented that animals rule themselves and Napoleon doesn't want to give up his power. "In Beasts of England we expressed our longing for a better society in days to come. But that society has now been established. Clearly this song has no longer any purpose." (Page 88. Animal Farm)
D1 6/15/2015
Squealer vs. Seneca Crane
In the Hunger Games President Snow manipulates the citizens of the capitol in the same way. The people of the capitol are all wealthy and have a great lifestyle. With Snow giving the citizens of the capitol many luxuries it makes them rave over the government and appreciate it more.
Both dictators have created a army that listens to their every command. Napoleon created the viscous dogs and President Snow created the peacekeepers.
Both dictators will kill and inflict fear into the citizens in order to keep power. For example, President Snow holds the "Hunger Games" each year to remind his citizens that he is in charge and to stop any thought of rebelling and Napoleon killed those who confessed to be in contact with Snowball.
Laws changed multiple times through out both Animal Farm and the Hunger Games. Squealer changed the seven commandments so that Napoleon wouldn't be breaking them. "They had thought the fifth commandment was "No animal shall drink alcohol" but there were two words that they had forgotten. Actually the commandment read: "No animal shall drink alcohol to excess"."(Page 109. Animal Farm) In Hunger Games President Snow also changed laws. He changed the reaping laws from having two victors from the same district to having only one victor.
Before the hunger games start each person is told to show off their skills in order to gain sponsors. Having more sponsors will be a advantage to you as your sponsor may send you a gift to help keep you alive. You have to be your absolute best in front of them or else you wont gain any kind or care packages in the games and having sponsors may just be what keeps you alive in these games.

In Animal Farm, the pigs use their skills of reading and writing to help keep themselves as leaders. The other animals cant read and / or write therefore they cant argue with the fact that the pigs are in control.
Mocking Jay:
gave Katniss and district 12 hope and it started as a symbol of hope and later turned into a symbol of rebellion.

Squealer is Napoleons right hand man and does everything he says. He has the utmost respect for Napoleon therefore, when Napoleon does something questionable he will defend him and convince the other animals that Napoleon is acting in their best interest.
Seneca Crane is the "head game maker" and he is also the right hand man to President Snow. Together they planned strategies and tactics for the 'Hunger Games'. Seneca made a mistake in allowing two victors as it has always been one victor. Snow was then worried on how this would look on himself and how this may cause a uprising in a rebellion and therefore executed Seneca. This is to show that no matter how close these animals and people were to the dictators, the dictator would still put themselves first.

"Seneca Crane." The Hunger Games. 19 Jan. 2014. Web. 14 June 2015.

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Propaganda was one of the main themes in both Animal Farm and Hunger Games.
Animal Farm:
Hunger Games:
Squealer exhibits uses of propaganda multiple times through out the book. "Suppose you had decided to follow Snowball, with his moonshine of windmills. Snowball, who as we know, we no better than a criminal?" (Page 55. Animal Farm) Squealer used propaganda to manipulate the memories of the animals so they would believe that Napoleon is the rightful person to trust and Snowball was actually the enemy. We can see Squealer Using manipulation once again when the animals try to argue the fact that no animal shall sleep in beds and the pigs were going against the commandment. He says"You would not have us too tired to carry out our duties? Surely none of you wishes to see Jones back?" (Page 67. Animal Farm)
In Hunger Games there was a game changer that was used as a way of manipulation. During the game a announcement was made by the game makers that this year there could be two victors from the same district. Katniss and Petta are the only two survivors at the end of the games and another announcement is made. it stated that there would now be only one victor meaning that they would have to fight each other. They decide that they will not give the capitol the satisfaction of having a victor and would rather commit suicide than kill each other and give into the games new rule. Right as they were about to eat the poisonous berries another announcement is made stating them the victors.
President Snow vs. Squealer
Squealer assists Napoleon by telling all the other animals that Napoleon is by far the smartest animal on the farm and that the farm couldn't function without him in power. This is similar to President Snow as he insists that the Capitol is the "beating heart" of Panem. He believes that it is best to leave the Capitol in charge as it provides the districts with security and discipline and that Panem couldn't function without the Capitol.

Orwell, George. Animal Farm. N.p.: Signet Classic, 1996. Print.
Hunger Games. Dir. Gary Ross. Warner Home Video, 2012. DVD
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