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Econ: Unemployment


Daniel Barkes

on 14 September 2009

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Transcript of Econ: Unemployment

Econ: Unemployment Warm-Up Questions:

How does Unemployment Affect the economy?

Georgia jobless rate climbs to 10.3 percent Nearly Half a Million Georgians are out of work! Teacher Notes Employment: Wages: You Have a Job Full Employment Almost everyone is working.

No more than 5% unemploymet Underemploymet Work a job below your education and ability Unemployment You don't have a job...

Only adults who are looking and want a job Money you make for working Frictional Unemployment In between one job and another Cyclical Unemployment Your employer does not have anything for you to do. Structural Unemployment A machine has taken over your job

You typically don't get your job back Vocabulary Test Wednesday Full Employment


Frictional Unemployment

Cyclical Unemployment

Structural Unemployment


Cost Push Inflation

Demand Pull Inflantion


Hyperinflation http://prezi.com/h86lufkx5iva/
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