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1950's Chicago Neighborhoods

No description

ashley brookover

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of 1950's Chicago Neighborhoods

1950's Chicago Neighborhoods Ethnic Town People mostly lived in apartments Long after world war II many
southern blacks moved into
Chicago. Whites started to move into the suburbs
of Chicago. There were a lot of Irish people
in Chicago. The Irish neighborhoods were on the south side near the "black yards" area. Industrial town Mostly blacks lived in the South. Chicago became the most segregated city in
America. The south side of Chicago was the capital
of black America. Where Chicago is Located It is located in the Northeast of the U.s. under lake Michigan. What the neighborhoods looked like Most of the people in Chicago lived in apartments. Neighbors were friendly towards each other but when it came to outsiders they were very unfriendly. Had 37 long distant railroad lines operated by 21 independent railroad companies. Helped formed boundaries of neighborhoods Railroads This created many jobs for the neighborhoods
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