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How to Write an Essay

9th Grade Language Arts

Ahlam Hussein

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of How to Write an Essay

The Body Paragraphs
The Conclusion
The Introduction
Your body paragraphs should include evidence, examples, and explanations that support your thesis statement.

Key Point you should have at least 3 body paragraphs
Before starting your essay, you need to gather and organize ideas by:
analyzing the assignment
list topics
create a mind map
narrow your topic
free write or make an outline
How can I catch the
reader's attention?
An introduction should include:
thesis statement
about your topic, and
catch the reader's attention
. The
introduction should also set the
your essay.
How to construct a thesis
Key point A thesis statement is the basis of your essay. Your essay needs to support your thesis statement.

tell a story that relates to your topic
state statistics or facts that relate to your topic
give introductory general information about your topic
To catch the reader's attention, you can use background information about your topic to:
A writer's attitude toward subject, audience, and self.

Tone is primarily conveyed through diction(choice of words) and point of view.
What is a tone ?
Example of an Introduction:
statistics are underlined in blue, a story in red , and the thesis in orange
Topic sentence
Details and evidence
that support the
topic sentence
explanations of what the
details and evidence mean
Your body paragraphs should each include....
A sentence that expresses the main idea of the paragraph in which it occurs.
Perfecting Your Essay
How can I do that?
When writing a conclusion, you not only need to summarize what your wrote about, but need to leave the reader thinking. You also need to somehow restate your thesis statement!
Show your readers why your paper is important. You must leave an impression on them. You could even ask a question in your conclusion that challenges the reader.
Here's an example:
Fast food chains are one of the leading causes that are linked to obesity in the United States. Us Americans and the government tend to overlook American children's health as a major importance. What can we do to stop this rise of obesity? It's

time to start choosing healthier choices, and for the fast food franchises to start offering them.
Paragraph 2: Example 1 (The Meat)
Paragraph 3: Example 2 (The Meat)
Paragraph 4: Example 3 (The Meat)
Don't forget to cite any outside sources you use in your paper!!! Create a works cited page at the end of your essay. Depending on what type of essay you're writing, You can find information from sources such as, books, newspapers, magazines, and the internet (no Wikipedia). This information usually goes in your body paragraphs.
For help visit the website below
My sources:
obesity in different countries
All of my pictures came from http://sxc.hu/ , http://pics4learning.com, and Google images.
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