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Social Networking

Social Networking is a very good way to communicate with people. It could very helpful and interesting if people would know how to use it properly and safely.

Beata Janke

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Social Networking

Social network is a service that allows people to communicate with their friends, family, and business relationships. Social Networking What is Social Networking? 6 most common reasons why people use internet: People browse internet for information. People communicate with their friends, share their news and hobbies. People surf internet to get a live update of any news. People use internet for entertainment, like watching videos, playing games, downloading movies. People use network to make transactions which save them time and money. Also people use internet for work and education. There is lots of common websites that people use. How the internet can be dangerous? False identities are very easy to create. People can't see who is on the other end of the computer. It is very easy for someone to by anyone else in the world. People post their individual inforamtion not knowing that they're private and everyone can see it. There is a lot of interenet predators that try to approach children, and teenagers or contact them in person. Having so many websites to choose from, young people gain access to social networking websites, adult chat rooms, pornoghraphic or violent in nature websites. How to be safe on internet? Don't public your personal information like your address, phone number, or social security number. Don't talk about your age, school or sports you're involved in. Don't post information about your plans, like where you are going to be or what are you going to do. That could be very dangerous. Don't send your pictures to people you don't know or don't trust. Have fun and be safe online! :)
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