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No description

Ivan Guerra

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Potassium

Potassium can help lower your blood pressure.
It is an electrolyte, which means that it helps your cells maintain fluid balance.
Potassium also acts as a blood buffer by maintaining pH and acid levels.
Consuming potassium-rich foods reduces your risk of developing kidney stones.
A potassium-rich diet will prevent leg cramps and other muscle spasms. What if you can't get enough? What if you get to much? Potassium Where does it come from? All meats, poultry and fish are high in potassium.
Apricots ,Avocado
Banana,Cantaloupe,Honeydew,Kiwi,Lima beans,
Milk,Oranges, and orange juice,Potatoes,
Prunes,Spinach,Tomatoes, Vegetable juice,Winter squash Muscles begin to feel weak
Cause Blood pressure to increase Can damage kidneys
Causes nausea and abdominal pain what does the nutrient do for your body? Theirs More... Used for making gun powder
Potassium is needed for all living things
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