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Copy of PBIS

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support at Parkside Elementary

E Holt

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of PBIS

Training Camp
PBIS stands for
Positive Behavioral
Interventions and Supports
What is PBIS?
in PBIS means that we just give out positive comments, rewards, parties, sunshine and rainbows!
Let's BUST some MYTHS!!
PBIS Myth #1
"You did a great job on your last test,
I am so proud of you for studying!"

"I am so happy you stayed focused
and continued to work hard today."

"I am very proud of the way you chose to
work out your disagreement with your partner."
Remember to give students positive feedback when giving out Eagle Tickets.

Remember that Eagle Tickets
are for rewarding the
that we want to see from our students.
Eagle Tickets
should never be
taken away from students
as a consequence.
PBIS is an approach using a

to create proactive systems to prevent problems…

The program is designed to create environments that are
engaging, responsive and productive
rather than reactive, adverse or dangerous.
It helps address classroom management and disciplinary issues.
PBIS uses school-wide data to predict problems and make informed decisions to encourage positive behavior within the building

"I am not going to reward a student for doing the things they should already be doing."

We must remember that acceptable behaviors need to be taught and reinforced daily.
Most importantly, PBIS maximizes academic engagement and achievement for

Erica Holt

Tom Eichenberg

Jen Gardner

Beth Boyer

Devin Chaplin

Kelly Dunavent

Marsha Stewart

Melissa Ulanowicz
Questions? Suggestions? Please contact the team!
What would your dream school look like?

What would your dream school sounds like?
Why are we doing PBIS?
To improve:
respectfulness from students
student responsibility
student productivity
You can pick up radio signals from the fillings in your teeth.
Teachers have the summers off.
It refers to an overall environment in the school where teachers and students feel appreciated, safe, and respected.

Rewards are also used to assist staff to focus on the positive.

PBIS Myth #2
“We will no longer give children consequences for inappropriate behavior.”


ignore inappropriate behavior.

PBIS views appropriate consequences as those that are
in changing the student’s unacceptable behavior.

PBIS Myth #3
“PBIS uses bribes to get children to behave.”

A bribe is a corruptible manner to get children to behave in a certain way.

Rewards are
, not offered as payoff in exchange for good behavior.

Eagles are respectful!
Eagles are responsible!
Eagles are productive!
We pledge to learn the most we can today.
We are special because we are Parkside Elementary School Eagles!

Parkside Eagles New Pledge
Parkside Student & Teacher Expectations
Classroom Expectations
PBIS gives recognition when expectations are met
Awarding Eagle Tickets
Eagle tickets are a positive behavior recognition to encourage our students to consistently demonstrate Parkside expectations:

Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Productive.

Eagle tickets should
be given to students who are demonstrating these expectations.

should be awarding Eagles tickets.

When you award the Eagle tickets to a student, tell the student exactly what behavior you observed that earned the tickets.

Remember – you can and should give tickets to any student, not just those in your class.
Anywhere you see a student following the matrix. Teachers should carry tickets with them at all times.


Eagle tickets should be given immediately to students when a behavior in the Expectations Matrix is observed.

Additional information:

1. See Erica to restock on tickets.

2. Focus on WHAT you are giving out Eagle tickets for, rather than on how many.

3. Don’t use Eagle tickets as coercion
(“If you don’t do this, I’m not giving you a Eagle ticket.”) OR.. “Because you did ___ now you don’t get a tickets.”

Leveled Behaviors
Levels 1-3

To help take the mystery out of

“What constitutes a documentation form or an office referral?”
Documentation Form
PBIS Committee:
Major Components of PBIS
appropriate behaviors in all settings.

when behaviors are appropriate.
Give Me Five
Common language
Common Language
Responsible, Respectful, Productive
Voice Level
"Soaring Behavior"
Eagle Tickets
Managing Tickets in Your Classroom
Ziploc baggies to each child
Pocket charts
Library pockets
Binder with plastic sleeves
As a result of Soaring Behavior in cafeteria, hallways, Encore, etc
an Eagle can be rewarded to the whole class.
Eagles can be saved and redeemed for rewards determined by the teacher.
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