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life during the cold war

No description

paulina goico

on 25 November 2015

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Transcript of life during the cold war

great britain
the end of WWII led GB with massive economic problems.
the overwhelmingly pary defeated churchills conservative party
the labour government created a modern welfare state ( a state in which the government takes responsability for providing citizens with services)
the US
after the WWII the US had several changes like: dramatic increase in the role and power of the federal government, the rise if organize labor, the beginig of a welfare state
martin luther king, leader of a movement for racial equality, led a march in washington.
after the ssesination of kenedy, lyndon B johnson became president.
western society

womens achived several thing like the right to vote
western society witnessed rapid change
people chgane from rural to urban areas
university students led to an outburst of students revolts
many feminist movements
west germany
the 3 western zones of germany were unfied as federal republic of germany in 1949.
under adenauer, west germany experience an "economic miracle". guided by ludwig E. unemployment fell from 8% to .4%
social democratic party were in power in 1969
life during the cold war
caro sandoval
caro anchondo
paulina goicoechea
cristina lopez
pilar campos
with the conomic aid of the marshall plan, the countries of western europe recovered rapidly from the WWII.
france and de gaulle
charles de gaule helped to established a new government, the foruth republic,it was eneffective
as a president gaulle wanted france to be a world power once again, to achive this de gaulle invested heavily in nuclear arms.
france exploded its first nuclear bomb in 1960
french economy grew at an annueal 5.5%
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