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Ancient Roman Clothing

No description

Olivia Austin

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Roman Clothing

CLOTHING - A man would wear a tunic and underneath he would wear underwear either made of wool or linen, the tunic would be made of two rectangles stitched at the sides and shoulders and tied with a belt THE
TOGA - Originally only citizens wore the toga which is worn over the tunic WOMENS
CLOTHING - A women would usually wear a tunic made with fine linen or wool with a stola over top a stola is a robe which reached the ankles CHILDREN'S
CLOTHING - Most boys and girls wore tunics like those of their parents JEWELRY - At the beginning of the republic ornate jewels were rare MEN'S
HAIRSTYLES - During the early republic, many men wore beards, but from 2nd century BC until the rule of Hadrian it was the fashion in Rome to be clean shaven WOMEN'S
HAIRSTYLES - Rich women spent a lot of time and money on their hair SHOES - During the early republic, many Romans went barefoot most of the time especially indoors ROMAN - Augustus is said to have worn 4 tunics at once when the weather was cold - A senators tunic had a running purple stripe down the front - Ordinary men wore tunics in various colours and lengths This picture shows two men in their tunics each with a different colour and length - The toga is just simply a wollen blanket wrapped around the body - Later on it evolved to become more complicted with more drapes and folds - Many people disliked the toga because it was heavy and awkward to wear it was also hard to clean - Emperors tried to keep it in use because it was so distinctive - Senator's togas, like their tunics were decorated with a purple stripe - Togas were sometimes worn in other shades particularly black for funerals These men are in togas which are in the white colour these look like one of the more complicted ones with more folds and drapes - In early times women wore the toga then a piece of clothing called the palla became fashionable - The palla was a large rectangular piece of clothing which could be draped over the stola in many ways, some women wore it over their heads - Tunics were often made of plain, undyed cloth - Richer women had brightly coloured stolae made of silk or fine Indian cotton This is the palla over the stola - Some young boys wore the toga pretexta, a garment with a purple stripe - At about the age of 14 a special ceremony took place and children started wearing adult clothes - Some young girls wore the stola - The law allowed only the upper classes to wear gold rings - However jewelry became more common after the Romans gained territories in the east, where precious metals were readily available - The materials most often used were gold, silver, bronze and iron set with precious and semi-precious stones such as opals, emeralds and sapphires and also with pearls - Both men and women wore rings - Women also wore a variety of earrings, necklaces, anklets, hairpins and brooches A gold bracelet shaped like a snake was said to bring the wearer long life Fine gold chains were common, they were made up of many strands of metal and worn as necklaces - Most Roman men wore their hair short, but during imperial time some fashion conscious men had longer hair which was oiled and curled Here are some hairstyles of some men in the Ancient Roman times - Women also had their slaves to do their hair for them Here are some womens hair styles of the ancient roman times - Heated tongs were used to curl hair - Women sometimes cut the hair of a blonde or red-headed slaves, and made it into wigs to wear
themselves MAKEUP - Women used various substancs as makeup - They used pots and bottles to store their makeup like these - To colour their lips and cheeks they used either red wine sediment or a plant dye called fucus - It was fashionable to look as pale as possible women whitened their faces and their arms with powdered chalk - Eyelids were darkned with
ash or with a substance called antimony - Outside they wore leather sandals - Later footwear became more elaborate and shoemakers became more skilled at creating ornate sandals, shoes and boots out of canvas and leather - Soldiers often wore boots that had studded soles they were studded with nails - Women wore elegant sandals like these - Outside sometimes men wore calcei, heavy boots Here is a family all dressed in their specific pieces of clothing
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