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Why Use It


Erika Elliott

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Why Use It

The Dream Trip I want to visit Imperia
because I have always wanted to go to Italy Where Are You Going? How are you getting there? I am going to fly there on Delta airlines.
A nonstop flight is $1389. Where are you staying? I am staying at the Hotel Rossini al Teatro. It costs $192(Italian) a night. Things to do Go to a beach Visit the famous Dolceaqua Bridge Visit Turin, Italy Visit Nice, France Eat at the Il Palagio in Florence, Italy Currency and Exchange Rate $1.00 Can=$0.74 Euro $30,000 Can=$22,496.22 Euro Places to eat Lanterna Blu The climate in Italy is very warm.
There is lots of humidity and occasional
rainfall. In the winter, it can get very cold Climate Food from Italy Italy is very famous for
their pasta and pizza Safety Concerns The only safety concern
when travelling to Italy
is to never wander alone
in the city
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