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Daguerreotype Taken in Old Age

No description

Natasha Matsaert

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Daguerreotype Taken in Old Age

Daguerreotype Taken in Old Age
- Margaret Atwood

Connection to Atwood
Father's death

Early work - problem of alienation

Duality and contrast

Victims and ability to survive

Very visual - ambition

Voice to the mute - nationality and women

Canadian nature
Speaker & Audience
Point of view - 1st person - of one in old age
Applies to all audiences - intrinsic feature of mankind
Messages significant to all
Repetition of "I ____"

Smaller stanzas - emphasis


Imagery & Setting
Visual imagery of moon

Rooted in nature - revealing its power

Reinforces symbolism
Comparison & Irony

Self awareness vs alienation

Mortality vs everlasting nature of moon
Ravages of old age

Mortality and death

Self awareness

Isolation, being trapped
What is a Daguerreotype?
First photographic process - the image is on a bright mirror-like surface and appears either positive or negative depending on lighting.
Speaker symbolizes:
The old and mute

Daguerreotype - lens into, and mirror of, human existence & frailty
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