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Manufacturing Process of a Ballpoint Pen

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mitchell neal

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Manufacturing Process of a Ballpoint Pen

Manufacturing Process of a Ballpoint Pen
Making the Ink
Raw materials are mixed together to follow a formula in a controlled area to produce batches of ink.
Stamping and Forming
While the ink is being made, the interior of the pen is being processed by stamping or cutting out metal pieces to come together to make the moving components of the pen.

The formed pieces are then soaked in chemicals to remove any oils. After that the parts are polished and cleaned once again to form the final product.
Molding the Housing
To make the housing of the pen, plastic is either goes through extrusion or injection molding.
Final Process
Once the pen as been assembled, it is inspected and moves on to packaging. The pen is then packaged in according to its components with other pens. The final process is to box the groups of pens and ship the boxes to the desired buyer.
Raw Materials
Plastic for most of the components of the pen.
Metal for the interior of the pen.
Chemicals to make the ink have desired properties.
Ink Filling and Assembly
After the housing is assembled, ink is then filled into a reservoir within the ballpoint of the pen.
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