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Puritan Beliefs and Values

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Edison Onate

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Puritan Beliefs and Values

The Salem Witch Trails
From January to September of 1692, a few people began to behave...oddly. The Puritans, as superstitious as they were, deemed these people Witches or wizzards, and sentenced them to death for their differences.
Puritan Beliefs and Values
1.)The Puritans believed that heir religion was superion and all other religions would go to hell
2.)The Puritans never wore more than needed (no silk or fancy clothes)
3.)The Puritans believed that you were chosen if you would rise to heaven or rot in hell before your birth
1.)The Church and the Government were one entity, blurring politics and religion.
2.)Only members of the church could vote.
3.)Everyones taxes were all put towards puritain churches.
Puritan Government
Puritan Laws
1.)Married couples had to stay together, or risk loss of custody of their children
2.)Unless you were of higher class, you could not wear fancy clothing. you'd be fined if this law is broken.
3.)You could not be either drunk, idle, or gossip. if found guilty, the punishment is public humiliation
Puritan Contributions
1.) Puritans created the first college, it was known as Harvard.

2.) They made sure that all citizend were literate.

3.) the Printing press was given to us by the Puritans.
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