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The Wright Brothers

No description

Rodrigo Paredes

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of The Wright Brothers

The Wright Brothers
Wilbur was born in 1867 and Orville in 1871.

They were brought up in Dayton, Ohio.
When the boys were 7 and 11 their dad brought them a rubber-band-powered flying toy. After playing with the toy they wanted to improve it, and this is what got them interested in flight.
Why flying?
On December 17, 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright succeeded in making their machine fly. The flight only lasted 12 seconds in the air, but still, they were the first pilots in history. They were able to control the plane and land it at a point as high as its takeoff spot. After their first attempt, they tried to keep it above the ground for more time, and finally they were able to fly for 59 complete seconds. They had changed the world forever.
Who were they?
The Wright brothers were born from Milton and Susan Wright, their father was a Bishop in the United Brethren Church. Susan died from tuberculosis in 1889 the same year that Orville dropped out of school.

Politics in that time.
What was happening?
In the 20th century the United States underwent through big changes. In 1919 President Woodrow Wilson collaborated in the making of the Treaty of Versailles.
Politics in that time.
What was happening?
In 1932 Hattie Wyatt Caraway of Arkansas was the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate, to fill a vacancy caused by the death of her husband.
Politics in that time.
What was happening?
In 1932, in the first presidential election after the Depression had begun in America, American voters elected Franklin D. Roosevelt as the new president. In 1933 he launched “New Deal”, an economic reform program designed to solve the problems created by the Great Depression. The New Deal reformed the economic system. The New government helped provide jobs for the unemployed and they gave financial help to businesses and farms, also, they spent large amounts of public money on welfare and relief programs.
Wilbur and Orville Wright both attended school, yet, they did not stand out. Since school was too easy for Orville, in grade eleven he decided to drop out of it, to start his printing business, the name was "West Side News". Even though the brothers never went to university they later received a PhD from great universities such as: Harvard, Yale and many others.

They decided to enter the bicycle business, they repaired, sold and manufactured them. This must have been a good business because they managed all their flight experiments with the bicycles. Every year they went to Kitty Hawk to test their gliders and planes, it eventually paid off they finally flew. Thanks to their invention Orville had become a millionaire.
In 1909, after some years of studying and failed attempts, the Wright brothers started the American Wright Company, with Wilbur as the leader and Orville as the vice president so he could have his own flight lessons and help improve aircraft designs. With the company they would be able to harvest the economic benefits that came with the invention.
On December 17 1903 The Wright Brothers where invited to the White House by President William Howard to receive Medals of Honor From the Aero Club of America
Politics in that time.
What was happening?
American Wright Company
Wrights Rights on the plane
However, it wasn’t that easy, patent intrusion arguments came up and the brothers had to fight really hard for their rights. Different manufacturers from all around the world got into legal fights with them, but the worst of all was Glenn H. Curtiss, who adopted a European version of their technology. Ironically, the American Wright Company and the Curtiss firm got together in 1929 to become Curtiss-Wright.

Wilbur's Death
In 1912, exhausted after overcoming all of the problems that came up and leading the company to success, Wilbur died of typhoid fever. Orville then made his way to the presidency of the company, but after some time he admitted that his heart was not in what he was doing because he didn’t enjoy it. He had always loved airplanes and research, but not business.
Revolutionary Invention
With the invention the wright brothers created it completely changed the way we interact with each other. We can travel around the whole world through the skies.
An Invention that changed the course of history
The wright brothers principles of aviation would change the whole course of history. People would be able to cross oceans without the need of spending months in a ship. It will also make the man stand in the moon 66 years later.
Fun Facts
There is a monument for the Wright Brothers which is actually the largest one made for a living person in America. Orville Wright visited it in 1932.
Fun Facts
John Daniels the man that was asked to take a picture of the first flight had never used a camera until that morning.
The invention of the plane would contribute to the wars especially World War 2. Air forces would be created which caused aerial combats. Transportation around the war will also be easier.
Fun Facts
In 1902 just in two days the brothers build 250 gliders, this was one year before the first flight.
Years of Improvement
The 10 following years of the invention of the airplane were full of changes and improvements in technology that changed the world forever. Flight became very significant and revolutionary, and its impact on society was huge.

Fun Fact
In 1911 the Wrights broke the world record they flew in a 50 MPH wind 9 minutes and 45 seconds. It was just one year before Wilbur died.
The Great Invention
The airplane was quite meaningful for everyone, for pilots obviously, for common people who enjoyed exhibits and museums, for different armies around the world, and well, for everybody in general. It meant new war strategies, new ways of transportation, and the start of a modern era.

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