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Belle Zepeda

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of science

How Do We See? Comparing an eye to a Camera Parts Of The Human Eye How do we really see? Your eye sees the image totally different than your brain, but we see the image upright because the optic nerve goes to the brain where the image is flipped to be understood. We really see upside down By: Nadia Avila The eye is really facinating. Cilliary muscle The iris
The iris is made up of smooth muscle fibers that adjust pupil size. The Pupil The nerve can disconnect
if people get very bad injuries. Rods and Cones They are both photoreceptors and they are also both made of nerve cells. A hole that light enters through cornea pupil iris Lens optic nerve retina Fact Bibliography youtube.com/billnye UCSD.edu/eyballvs.camera livescience.com
Your eyes can deceive you; don't trust them. Thank You Billnyethescienceguy.com WWW.evergreeneyecare.com
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