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only the most INCREDIBLE prezi ever.

by streepes and andie

carolyn anderson

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of only the most INCREDIBLE prezi ever.

Urban Problems and 1950's Political Activism
Created by Streepes and Andie. Urban Renewal Urban renewal was the solution for Latins, Native Americans, and African Americans who were living the slums of the city. National Housing Act of 1949: gave a home with a suitable living environment for every American family. It also tore down bad neighborhoods and built low-income houses.
when this act failed, it would be called "Urban Renewal" White Flights During the 1950's, many middle class Americans left the city life and moved to suburbs. By this they took economic resources. This movement also isolated them for other classes and races. Braceros These were Mexican workers allowed in the United States to help harvest crops, after the labor shortage during World War II Native Americans Termination Policy
passed in 1953, it agreed that the federal government no longer held responsibilty for Indian tribes
ended federal economic support, eliminated all reserations, breaking them up and distributing the land to all individual Native Americans
failed in 1963, and this idea was left behind Unfortunately the camera broke before completing the project. RIP Canon SD 650 you will be missed.
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