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The adventures of aidan-ken & doug-ken

No description


on 18 January 2015

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Transcript of The adventures of aidan-ken & doug-ken

The adventures of aidan-ken & doug-ken
This is Aidan and Doug.
They've been together many fabulous years.
But this story isn't about Aidan and Doug,
it’s about Aidan-Ken & Doug-Ken.
So let's head back to Christmas 2013!
At Aidan’s work, Joanne suggested a twist
on the usual gift exchange.
People would draw names, buy a toy based
on that person and then donate them.
Everyone loved the activity, their gifts
and helping needy children.
Aidan’s name was drawn by Pat
and she got him a special gift.
A Ken doll with a spiffy outfit,
including a pink bow tie – sooo Aidan.
Knowing how much Aidan loved the doll, Joanne surprised him with one to keep!
She even got one for Doug,
with a spiffy jacket to match his eyes.
With a quick crown transfer,
Aidan-Ken & Doug-Ken were created!
Over Christmas , Aidan posed the dolls
in photos for Facebook.
Some were just silly,
some were reflective of
the real Aidan and Doug,
some offered commentary on current events.
The photos got lots of positive feedback on Facebook, so Aidan kept ‘em coming!
It was a fun way to mark holidays and celebrations,
to chronicle everyday life,
to be playful and spread smiles!
Even when Aidan and Doug were away…
”the boys” would play.
Doug’s sisters even got caught up in the fun.
Pat’s daughter Alex suggested
creating a montage to send to Ellen,
so, Aidan-Ken & Doug-Ken’s Adventures
end with the dream of meeting Ellen!
The end!
With thanks and remembrance to Alex Foto 1995-2014
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