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GCSE PE Edexcel 6 mark question

No description

James Rourke

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of GCSE PE Edexcel 6 mark question

QUESTION Q4.  Describe circuit training and explain which sports person would benefit from this method of training? (6 Marks)

This Answer would receive 6 Marks

QUESTION How can I pick up marks ??? What the EXAMINER is looking for . . .

1. 4 lines minimum for 1 mark

2. Must be continuous writing, NO bullet points / lists of text

3. Correct grammar and punctuation

QUESTION Q2.  Explain how the range of roles available in physical activity should provide sufficient opportunity for all to become or remain involved in sport/physical activity. (6 Marks)

Repeat this process for the key phases of the question R = Example
This is adding to the answer by giving a sporting explanation of the point. E = Explanation
This is adding the ‘meat’ to the answer by explaining the point. This must include a reason why! E = Point
This is where you simply state the answer to the question. P = Answering the 6 mark questions in PE is as easy as making a P.E.E.R BURGER!
This is how you can use P.E.E.R to answer . . . ‘How can SMART targets be used to aid an athlete, to meet their goals?’ Circuit training involves a variety of exercises arranged so as to avoid exercising the same muscle groups consecutively. They are often set up in a circle and each exercise is known as a ‘station’. A circuit can be set up in a gym, sports hall or outdoors. Exercises at a ‘station’ are carried out for a set period of time. Usually 2/3 circuits are completed in a session and often music is used to keep participants motivated. For example, a person may exercise for 30 seconds then move onto another station until a whole circuit has been completed.

Circuit training would benefit a wide range of sports people. This is because it improves cardiovascular and muscular endurance, which is used in a lot of sports. For example it would be of use to team games such as football and individual sports such as athletics. A circuit can also be designed to improve specific skills in sport. For example a basketball circuit would include lay-ups, set shots, dribbling and passing skills. Q2.  Explain how the range of roles available in physical activity should provide sufficient opportunity for all to become or remain involved in sport/physical activity. (6 Marks)

This Answer would receive 6 marks

There are four ways in which a person may stay involved in: sport, player, leader, official and volunteer.
A person could stay involved as a player by playing football for their local football or netball club. People might want to stay involved in sport this way to improve one part of their skill or health related fitness. Another reason may be that they want to improve their footballing ability. For example a football player’s reason to participate might be to improve their cardiovascular fitness whereas another player may might to improve their passing.
Another way a person could stay involved in sport is through becoming an official. Some people are not good enough to perform or do not like performing so like to officiate. For example a person who loves cricket and knows all the rules but does not like playing might want to be a cricket official instead of a perform.
In addition some people can stay involved in sport through becoming a leader. Many people come to an age or get an injury which stops them performing, at this point they could stay in sport through a leadership role. An example of this is a basketball player who has been a performer for a long time, if they get an injury and have to stop playing they can become a basketball coach as they already have the expert knowledge required.
The final way a person could stay involved in sport is through volunteering. For example during the London 2012 Olympic games people who were passionate about sport and had good organisational skills, volunteered to help facilities with the running of the Olympic games. Without these type of volunteers major sporting events would not be able to run.

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