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Fund Raising

No description

Charlie T

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Fund Raising

In order to gain knowledge about what works, what doesn't work, & what was learned from specific campaigns it is important for ILTF to research benchmark studies which may highlight all of these issues and assist with pinpointing successful strategies with campaigns.
Creation of a marketing campaign that can attest to a broad range of individuals, through this marketing campaign establish targets and benchmarks to focus on through the call center Call Center Fundraising ILTF Brand
Merchandise T-Shirt copyright on design & slogan
75% - 90% Profit Margin
Product Placement
Demockratees Example
Will it boost sales?
White Earth Land Recovery T-Shirt Example Merchandise Social media allows engagement of constituents in new ways, drives engagement, drives new donors.
Facebook Widgets
Personalized videos that encourage users to "Fan" us and "Tweet" us and engage with us online
Indian Land Blog that can assist with delivering the mission of ILTF in the online community and increase awareness to different fundraising intiatives. Increased Social Media
Presence Giving back to the community by supporting a charity creates new networking opportunities. Working with this charity creates networking possibilites, tax benefits and of course goodwill. By supporting a charity that is well established you may cross network by having the charity do a similar campaign with ILTF the following year. "Adopt a Charity" Online Social Tools Social tools now make it easy to solicit donations using fundraising widgets or badges, social networks like Twitter & Causes
30,000 runners in the Flora London Marathon raised $7.3 million through the online fundraising platform Justgiving.
The Trail of Tails PetWalk and Festival raised $41,000 for the Jacksonville, Fla. Humane Society using social media tools Social Vibe is a micro-fundraising social media utility that connects nonprofits and individuals with brands, empowering them to engage with sponsors and share branded content with their social graph to benefit their causes. Social Vibe has raises money for nonprofits by getting corporate partners to engage in more interactive means of advertising. Users of the site don't have to to donate money at all as corporate sponsors do all the donating. Individuals are simply encouraged to donate ad space on their social network sites by adding the Social Vibe widget to their Myspace, Facebook or other networking pages or blogs.

http://svnetwork.com/gallery_entries/29 Indian Land Tenure Mobile App Native Business Directory
Pow Wow Calendar/Directory
Native Historical Landmark Maps
Checkerboard Maps
Fundraising Meter
ILTF Videos
ILTF Mechandise Store
Native Shopping Boutiques
Tribal Radio Station Directory
Native News
Traditional Recipes
Herbal Remedies
Moccasin Game Mobile Giving -Cause Marketing is a partnership between a nonprofit and a for-profit for mutual profit
-Research shows that consumers will pick a brand with a good cause attached to it over one without, so many brands nowadays engage in some form or another of cause marketing Cause Marketing Cost Per View (CPV)
100% user-initiated ad experience

Clickable ad unit can direct traffic to any brand site

After the video consumers can click to FB, Twitter or YouTube

Videos can be pulled straight from YouTube

Guaranteed: 30s (or more) of attention

Frequency caps as low as 3X per video (daily caps as well) Cost Per Engagement (CPE)
100% user-initiated ad experience

Fully interactive

Capability of both pulling in content & collecting it

Designed by agency, client and/or SocialVibe

Singular ad unit runs across the entire SocialVibe platform

Unmatched metrics of 63% time spent and
41% CTR WealthEngine provides wealth intelligence solutions to help fundraising, marketing and create strategies to extend their reach and build their prospect pipeline.
WealthEngine focuses on four key areas: Analytics, Research, Prospecting, and Consulting.
Cost Associated - Varies around $3,000/ year above or below depending on what services are implemented.
Prospect Generator - Most beneficial aspect to ILTF 3 Tactical Approaches for Cause Marketing 2) Percentage-of-sale 1) Point-of-sale 3) Licensing Text-to-Give vs. Scan-to-Give -64% of people who donate today prefer the convenience of using technology-enabled processes -Recurrent trends show mobile phones will be the #1 way people get information from the Internet by 2013 Charitable giving in the US amounts to almost $300 billion a year, with 76% of that coming from individuals. Given the almost total saturation of the US population by wireless devices (250 million subscribers), and the exponential rise of text messaging (used by 68% of 18-24 year-olds, 37% of 35-44 year-olds and 14% of those over 65), it is easy to see how development of a "Mobile Giving Channel" could vastly increase the pool of charitable donors Trusted Third Party (TTP). A TTP is a nonprofit organization that acts as a mediator between non-profit organizations and the Cell Phone Provider to regulate mobile giving by ensuring
a. donations made through a Cell Phone Provider actually go to a legitimate tax-exempt non-profit organization, and
b. the Cell Phone Provider credits charities appropriately for donations made on their behalf

Cell Phone Provider. Because you have hired an ASP, you don’t have to deal with the Cell Phone Provider yourself. The Cell Phone Provider will work with the ASP to arrange all of the details of your campaign.

Application Service Provider (ASP). The ASP serves as your primary point of contact for your campaign. The ASP will help you design your campaign, deal with the Cell Phone Provider to arrange a short code (a five or six digit number) along with a keyword (like “aid” or “give” or “haiti”), and assist you in handling incoming and outgoing messages. They will also deal with the Trusted Third Party (TTP) on your behalf to arrange a contract. There are many ASPs to choose from: Mobile Matters, Causecast, andTextCaster just to name a few. Indian Land Tenure Foundation
"Webisodes" Series of YouTube Videos
Text-to-Give/Scan-to-Give Cause Marketing Online Kickstarter is a crowd funding platform that has raised more than $230 million dollars for over 23,000 projects. 1. In fundraising appeals.
2. In print newsletters.
3. At fundraising events – galas, marathons, etc.
4. On flyers and community billboards.
5. At conferences.
6. At check-out lines.
7. On tabletops in restaurants.
8. In museum tour materials.
9. As scavenger hunts.
10. In city tours.
11. At concerts and sporting events.
12. For art walks.
13. At zoos, aquariums, and animal shelters.
14. In libraries.
15. At parks and outdoor recreation venues.
16. At church.
17. On college and university campuses.
18. At airports.
19. In window displays.
20. On t-shirts, mugs, pins, and business cards. Attract and Retain Wealthy Donors
Donor screenings show which donors and prospects should be targeted Data Mining Search the WealthEngine database for potential prospects.
Mine our own data to find existing donors in our system who may have the potential to become major donors. Benefits of WeathEngine Identification of best major & planned gift prospects. Have access to millions of records through WealthEngines database and receive detailed profiles in minutes Research current and prospective donors to determine an appropriate "ask" amount Research new prospects by using analytics to identify prospects and prioritize fundraising efforts Adopt best practices through the use of reports, webinars, & case studies ILTF Fundraising Tour Sponsor a nation wide tour, each stop would be an educational outreach and fundraising opportunity
An example of a similar tour is the Reach the Rez (RTR) "Rise" motivational tour, which made stops at 48 reservations.
At the stops on the tour, Indian leaders, entertainers, athletes, and others speak and perform. Branding
"If you don't know where you're going and why you're relevant, you don't have a brand." Brand embodies the identity of an organization Brand enscapsulates mission, values, and distinctive activities. "A strong brand allows you to acquire more resources and gives you the authority to have more freedom over how you use them." Infographics How Can We Utilize Infographics? 1. Show the need for a program
2. Visualize the data from a report
3. Move people to action
4. Donation impact
5. Impact of services Video Branding Internally, a strong brand drives cohesion and helps an organization build the capacity and skills to implement its social mission Externally, a strong brand results in trust among its many constituents, be they donors, beneficiaries, partners, or otherwise, which enables the organization to have greater impact. Non-profit vs. For-profit
Branding Nonprofit brand is most powerful when the organization's internal identity and external image are alighned with each other and with
its value and mission
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