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Museums and Social Networking

Social Networking as Social Engagement

Brian McAlonie

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Museums and Social Networking

Develop a Strategy
For Engagement
2013 Social Media
Statistics and Trends
A Basic Definition
Civic Engagement in a Nutshell
Why Civic Engagement?
What Does Civic Engagement Accomplish?
Civic Engagement and Socialnomics
Bridging and Bonding Social Capital
Social Networking vs. Social Engagement
Museums and Social Networking:
Social Networking as Community Engagement

Presented By:
Brian McAlonie, VP, Museum Services
Steve Bukowski, Social Media Manager

Thinking Outside The Square
© 2014

What is Social Media?
Social media
is the interaction among people
in which they create,
share or exchange
information and ideas in
virtual communities
What is Social Media?
Forms of
electronic communication
through which users
create online communities
to share
information, ideas,
personal messages,
other content.
Merriam Webster
Pew Research Survey 2013
Some Recent Statistics:
Pew Research Survey 2013
Rob Lever, AFP
Social Media:
What's the Big Hubbub About?
Ipsos Canadian Inter@ctive Reid Report,
Issue 2, 2011
The Cult of Narcissism
Social Media & Narcissism

Number of Social Media Site Used
Reality TV
Banal Content
Pop Culture
Some Recent Statistics:
Some Recent Statistics:
United States
Some Recent Statistics:
United States
The Cult of Narcissism:
Our 15 Minutes of Fame
Andy Warhol
Communication Tool

Transactional Conversation

The Cult of Narcissism

(Advertising / Marketing / Promotion)
Museums & Civic Engagement
Why Social Media?
What is Social Media?
Why Social Media?
What is the 21st Century Museum?
What is Civic Engagement?
How Can Museums Integrate
Civic Engagement and Social Media?

What is the
21st Century Museum?

David Fleming
Director National Museums of Liverpool
What is
Civic Engagement?

Brian Solis and JESS3, 2013
2-Way Conversation:
Instant Messaging
Brian Solis and JESS3, 2008
Listening, Learning, Adapting
Listening, Learning, Sharing
Advertising, Marketing, Promotion
“If social connectedness is integral to our form of government and good for us as individuals, as communities, and as a society, what is the role of museums in this effort?”

“How can museums position themselves as resources and potential collaborators?
Museums Bridging
& Bonding with Communities
The 21st Century Museum:
The Collapse & Revival of American Community, 2000
Robert Putnum: Bowling Alone
Some Recent Statistics:
How are Canadians Using Social Media
Some Recent Statistics:
How are Canadians Using Social Media
www.corporate.asking canadians.com
December 2013
Some Recent Statistics:
How are Canadians Using Social Media
Social Media Sites 2012-2013
www.corporate.asking canadians.com
December 2013
www.corporate.asking canadians.com
December 2013
Majority of Social Media Users
Check Accounts Daily
Some Recent Statistics:
United States
Pew Research Survey 2013
Nina Simon, Executive Director
Santa Cruz Museum of Art
and Hisitory
"Museums must respond to audiences as partners in a joint enterprise.

A key step is for the museum to cease to be product-led and become audience-centered in approach."
Black (2005)
"To be audience-centered means taking into account the personal context of the visitor and the holistic nature of the museum visit."
The 21st Century Museum:
Black (2005)
"“Being audience-centered requires a commitment to gaining and constantly updating a real knowledge and understanding of visitors.”
The 21st Century Museum:
Black (2005)
“There is general agreement that social capital - the relationships, associations, and networks that bind us together - is critical to healthy, invigorated communities.”
Hirzy (2002)
What We Should Take Away:
A community meeting place
A place of dialog, tolerance, social inclusion
A cultural treasure trove
Accessible to all - intellectually, physically, socially, culturally, economically
A leisure and tourism attraction
A resource for informal and structured learning
A source of local pride
The 21st Century Museum:
Black (2005)
Museums Are Now Expected To Be:
The museums fiscal health reflects the communities strong endorsement

Funding organizations respond positively to the museum because it is engaged with its community

Individuals willingly lend their support because of a museum’s civic-minded mission and values
The 21st Century Museum:
Hirzy (2002)
The Bottom Line...
A center for where people gather to meet and converse

A place that celebrates the richness of individual and collective experience

A participant in collaborative problem solving
The Museum
as Town Square:
Hirzy (2002)
Participatory and Community-Oriented:
Participatory and Community-Oriented:
The Visitor-Centered Museum:
The Visitor-Centered Museum:
The Museum
as Town Square:
The Museum
as Town Square:
What is Civic Engagement?
"Individual and collective actions designed to identify and address issues of public concern."

The principle of civic engagement underscores the most basic principle of democratic governance, i.e. that sovereignty resides ultimately in the people (the citizenry).
American Psychological Association. 2012
Why Civic Engagement?
Civic engagement means working to make a difference in the civic life of our communities and developing the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make that difference. It means promoting the quality of life in a community, through both political and non-political processes.
Ehrlich, 2000
Civic Engagement & Socialnomics
A morally and civically responsible individual recognizes himself or herself as a member of a larger social fabric and therefore considers social problems to be at least partly his or her own; such an individual is willing to see the moral and civic dimensions of issues, to make and justify informed moral and civic judgments, and to take action when appropriate.
Ehrlich, 2000
In A Nutshell:
What is Civic Engagement?
Peter Levine. director of CIRCLE, the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement
Community Engagement:
What Does CE Accomplish?
Tim Barr, Director of the TLU Center for Servant Leadership
Bridging and Bonding
Personal Democracy Forum, 2009
Civic Engagement & Socialnomics
What is
Bridging and Bonding
Social Capital?

Developing relationships of trust and reciprocity both with those who are:

like us (Bonding)

And with those who are different from us (Bridging)”

Putnum, 2000
Gates 2002, Jackson 2002
Make the shift from social networking to social engagement and collaboration to build and sustain community relationships

Utilize the technology as a means to an end, not an end in itself

Tie the civic engagement mission of the museum to its social media strategy
The Answer:
Museum of Tolerance:
Facing Fear
Civic Issues:
Trashed, 2012
Centre for Social Innovation
1. Meet the needs and assets of your community as defined by your community

2. Build social capital by strengthening community connections with your collaborators and visitors

3. Invite active participation by offering opportunites via social media so visitors can act as contributors and not just consumers
Stacie Marie Garcia, 2012
Dialogue encourages participants to:

- suspend judement
- encourage empathy
- seek to build a climate of trust
foster understanding
- strengthens community bonds
- respect multiple viewpoints
- encourages new relationships
- bridges and bonds
Schaffer-Bacon, Korza, Williams, 2002
Create Civic Dialogue
via Social Media Platform
Encourage followers to get involved:
- interventions
- crowdfunding
- civic participation
- Social Hub
Let the Dialogue Begin
Intersection of Social Need and New Ideas
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