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world war 1 museum tour

No description

nettie burd

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of world war 1 museum tour

World War 1 Museum Tour. This photo is important to imform you about the war because,
it shows you that it was just constant fighting,
the went to different places too.
Also most of the men are not sad so it shows you that, it wasn't all sadness. This shows you about world war 1 because, you see that you were rewarded for taknig part in the war, and for what reason you were rewarded. this informs you about the war, because you know that they were able to use aircrafts and not just transport on the land. Also it shows you that, in the war the need piolets which would take lots of training what they didn't have so they would be use people who had no experience with planes.
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