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Gathering Blue

No description

Gabriel Edwards

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Gathering Blue

Compare and Contrast
Compare and contrast (Paragraph Form
There are many similarities & differences between Jonas's & Kira's society is Kira's society is dystopian and Jonas's society is utopian. In Jonas's community there are no animals much less beasts, but in Kira's society there are beasts. Kira's society has memories while Jonas's doesn't. Kiras society has unlimited children and Jonas's society only can have 2 children. In Kiras world there is color in Jonas world there is not. Similarties are that there is secrets in both worlds. Both communities have reading restrictions.




Gathering Blue
By: Gabe & Raevyn
Kira & Jonas's Society
Have some-what of a government or commitee
Sickness & Pain
Children are called Tykes
No limit on children
Society looks down on those who are weak or disabled
People choose their own jobs and spouses
Society is in color
No pain or sickness
Limit on children
No memories or color
Assigned jobs
Society is in black & white
Certain reading restrictions
Main character is gifted
Both societies have secrets
Crippled Leg

Weaver of the Future



On page 30 Kira says, " but I was strong my mother told me, she wouldnt let me go." and on page 36 her mom says, " Take pride in your pain, your stronger than those who have none."
- Carver
Thomas is carving the Ruin Saff


On page 162 he says, "But here I was, locked in with all these fine tools. So I carved a key.

- Caring
On page 112 Thomas tells Kira , " You shouldn't be here."
Why Kira Should Stay
Kira should stay because what would she do without Matt, and other friends that she would have left. She also has to stay for Jo and Thomas, because all three of them are supposed to make the future of their village. Kira has work to do with the threads still. She also wants to take a stand, a stand that she hopes will alter the future of her society.

Why Kira Shouldn't Stay
Gathering Blue: Theme Statement:
Even if you have a disability that doesn't mean you are worthless.
Gathering Blue: Figurative Language
Simile: Page 133- "The sound of a storm, however, was nothing
the sound of a crying child
Personification: Page - "The
thunder was still grumbling
outside, & the hallway was dimly lighted."
She is cripled
But only in their eyes
The weaver
The orphan
Funny how her father died by beasts
Though there are none
Him and Kira alike
Both disabled
But only in their mind
In the end she got what she longed for the most
Blue .
Hyperbole: Matt: Vandara be havin that is a
Metaphor: Matt
a wild animal
Kira shouldn't stay because shes sort of in danger because what if a better weaver comes along. She also shouldn't stay because then she could repair her relationship with her father. She shouldn't stay because of Matt she should be worried about him going from village to village. And what if they follow him and see her dad is still alive.
this symbmolizes the weaving that Kira does
This symbolizes the flowers that grow the blue
This symbolizes the cane that Kira uses.
Gathering Blue is about a girl named Kira who evidently lives in a society that looks down on the weak. It's evident because Kira has a twisted leg. After her mother dies she has no one left; both parents dead. And when Vandara tries to burn down her cott she takes her to the Edifice where they realize her talents. From then on she lived there of course learning more about weaving. As the story unfolds Kira finds out there really is no beasts and more secrets that they have kept from her and the people of her society. Towards the end her father comes and explains how the group he was with attempted murder. In the end her father has to go back to his village of more broken people, he asks Kira to come along but Kira wants to stay to better the future for her community.
Gathering Blue was an okay book, compared to the last book The Giver. I say this because the beginning of the book is very slow, its not till the end where it gets interesting. But there were things that I did like, such as the twist where her father is alive and how there really was no beasts. I would although recommend it to anyone that has already read The Giver because then they would see some connections
Idiom:Kira Let the
cat out of the bag
when she told Jamison that Annabella said there were no beasts.
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