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If the woods could talk

http://www.celebrationchristianchurch.com/, celebration christian church is a local part of the body of Christ (The Church) in Northwest Portland Oregon. We are full of the Holy Spirit and of Gods Word. We are located 2573 NW Thurman St. Portland, Or

Alysha Payne

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of If the woods could talk

If The Woods Could Talk The Plot:

It all begins with a modern day scientist and his purchase of an old, isolated lot in England.

A time where fear was
carried with all woman His mission : Create a new form of liquid injection that will allow trees to absorb more carbon dioxide and release more oxygen.

On a near by tree His daughter wanted to become a journalist and a reporter. "I am down on whores and I shant quit ripping them till I do get buckled." A quote from Jack the Rippers "Dear Boss" letter! A place of sudden and total loss of light Living in the middle of nowhere... She found a picture of her house from the late 1800s The picture was taken from the woods... Injection After Injection They Found themselves deeper in the woods "My soul lies within these woods, my blood runs through there veins, i WILL live on forever!" Little did they know the injections caused side effects... The trees began to move closer to the house They stopped where the bushes were infront of the old house. The roots dug up old boxes Boxes of the victums The Victims came back to life with a mission of revenge Revenge on those claiming to know the ripper Main Target was Robert James Lees, a psychic claiming to know the Ripper. How It Connects to Frankenstein Isolation: The scientist isolated him and his daughter so he can do his work..
seems similiar to how Victor isolated himself from everyone inorder for him to make his creation.
The Side Effects: The scientist injections did have consequences that he didn't consider...just how Victor didn't consider what the world would be like with his creature in it. THEY'RE ALIVE! : Victor percieved nature as being alive...now it litterally is! Alive or Dead? : Victor creates life from death...the scientist accidentially does the same thing. Let the chaos begin! Both creations seek revenge! London, In 1888 the serial killer, Jack the Ripper was on a killing rampage and was never caught or identified. Side note: Works Cited
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