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How Humans Interact with natur

No description

tessa stager

on 25 February 2016

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Transcript of How Humans Interact with natur

"The Seventh Man''
"The seventh man" illustrates the struggle of a man trying to get over traumatic events that he experienced in childhood.As a kid, he lost his friend in a typhoon wave that came and swept his companion away. The symbolism of water was a big interaction connecting humans and nature. The symbol plays a significant role in the story in how it is both a symbol of pain, as well as a symbol of rest."Going back to that beach may be the best or worst decision I can make" but back on that beach after many years he takes a look at the waves and they seem gentle and peaceful. As he's stepping into them he surrenders the past and finds peace within himself.In a way, the water helped him know that the worst was over, and he can move on.
'' My life as a bat"
"My life as a bat", juxtaposes bat behavior with human behavior to show that humans and bats are just like each other in ways."Bats have a few things they put up with, but they do not inflict" said Margaret Arwood.We are with nature we have all came from mom's,dad's we all have bro's and sis's and we all go through things so were not alone were all together.
How Humans Interact with nature
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