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Dufferin County HR Orientation

County of Dufferin Training Aid

Jennifer Van Geem

on 22 April 2016

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Transcript of Dufferin County HR Orientation

Every employee has the right to...
Know about existing or potential hazards in the workplace (WHMIS)
Participate in Health & Safety programs (i.e. Joint Health & Safety Committee) and training.
Refuse unsafe work.

All new staff members will go through Health &
Safety training within their first few weeks of

Welcome to
Continuous Growth
Corporate Structure
Health & Safety
Healthy Workplace
I.T. support for all County facilities.
Report all technology problems or issues via e-mail or telephone to I.T. SUPPORT:

Ext. 8000

Ontario Works – Employment and Financial Support

Employment Resource Centre

Social Housing Services

Emergency Management Program / Accessibility Standards

OEYC (Early Years Center)

Children Services
Opened in October, 1994
6000 archival documents
700 local history books
4000 photographs
16,000 artifacts

County Forest
2,500 acre forest
Twelve tracts

A not-for-profit Long Term Care Home established in 1962.
160 beds

Dufferin County Community Support Services
A not-for-profit agency that provides services such as:
Meals on Wheels
Home respite services
Adult Day Program
Bathing Program

Applies to all employees working for the County of Dufferin
Ensures fair and equitable treatment of all employees
Available on the intranet and in hard copy Personnel Policy

Council Structure
13 members
Warden is the head of County Council.
Meets second Thursday of each month

Meets monthly.  
Minutes go forward to County Council for adoption.

Rights and Resources

Overtime shall be approved in advance by Department Head or designate.
Time earned will be at straight time for work between the regular number of hours and forty (40) hours per week. Any approved overtime accumulated above the forty (40) hours per week will be compensated at a rate of one and one half times per hour worked.

Extended Health & Dental Benefits
All full time employees are entitled to the following benefits on the first day of the first month after hire date. The County will pay 100% of the premium costs to provide the benefits listed below:
Short Term Disability
An employee who drives a vehicle for County business must be in possession of a valid Ontario driver’s license and classification, for the specific type of vehicle or equipment, and shall provide the driver’s license number and proof of insurance to their Department Head upon request. Employees shall provide written notification of any change in the status of their driver’s license.

Seasonal and part time staff will be paid out monetarily as time is accrued.
Full time staff can have the hours paid out or have the hours added to their banked overtime. Total hours banked is not to exceed eighty (80) hours.
Employees must use accumulated overtime by December 31st. Overtime must be used prior to using vacation time. Banked overtime can only be carried over to next year with written permission of the Department Head and the CAO.
Accidental Death and Dismemberment
Extended Health Care
Long Term Disability
Semi Private Coverage
Vision Care
Dental Care
Group Life Insurance

If an employee becomes totally disabled as a result of illness, accident, or hospitalization, benefits (sick pay) will commence on the fourth (4th) consecutive working day of disability and end after 17 weeks.
Payment based on length of service.
Application for LTD benefits will be done 8 weeks in advance.

Part-time employees have to meet eligibility
requirements. Employees are eligible if,
during each of the two immediately preceding
calendar years:
The employee has worked at least 700 hours (including overtime) with any participating employer; or
The employee has earned, including overtime
and vacation pay, at least 35% of the Year’s
Maximum Pensionable Earnings (YMPE)
with any participating employer.
Dress Code
Fragrances: Use discretion when choosing grooming products in shared workspaces.

Casual Summer Dress Code:
Allows for a more informal attire. No skirts or dress shorts more than 3'' above the knee, no spaghetti straps and no ripped or stained clothing.

Dress code:
does not apply to workers who must wear specific uniforms/safety apparel. Clothing and Footwear must always be appropriate to the working conditions
Chief Administrative Officer
Human Resources
Information Technology
Community Services
Public Works
Waste Services
Building & By-Law
Dufferin Oaks
Museum & Archives
County Council
General Government Services
Community Services Dufferin Oaks
Public Works
Standing Committees
Special Committees
Accessibility Advisory
Special purpose
Comprised of any combination of council members, staff and non-elected persons.

Health Benefits
Hours of Work
In each 7 hour working day an employee shall be entitled to the following breaks, at such times as may be designated by their supervisor:

Two paid 15 minute rest periods
An unpaid one hour eating period.
Other Info
Pay is deposited bi-weekly, every other Wednesday.
Full time employees are entitled to 6 incidental (sick) days per year, pro-rated based on your start date. Should these days not be used, the value of these credits will be paid out to the employee at the end of each calendar year.
All policies and procedures can be found on SharePoint under Corporate Documents.
• Building and Septic permits
• Property Information
• Weed Control
• By-law Enforcement
• Nuisance Beaver Program
• Nuisance Coyote Program

Records all resolutions, decisions and proceedings of County Council.
Prepares by-laws, minutes of meetings and agenda packages.
Responsible for Records Management function.

Labour and Employee Relations
Collective Agreement Administration
Payroll, Employee Benefits and Pensions
Policy and Procedure Administration
Job Evaluation
Disability Management - Return to Work
Health & Safety

Senior non-elected officer
Reports to Council and attends all committee meetings
Represents Dufferin County along with the Warden

Did you know that w
e have a Waste App?
Download the "my-waste' App from your favorite App store.
It's free!

Yard Waste •Garbage
Bulky Items & White Goods •Blue Box
Hazardous & Electronic Waste •Green Bin

Road maintenance
Construction projects
Entrance permits
Road & bridge design
Capital construction
County mapping
Emergency numbers for rural properties
OMERS - Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System
It is mandatory for Full Time employees to join the OMERS pension plan.
Deductions for the plan begin with your first pay.
The Employer matches employee contributions.
Pension Plan

Processing accounts payable and receivables
Budget process
Cash management
Financial reporting
Insurance and risk management
External audit
Investment and borrowing
Development Charges
Tax Policy setting
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