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Hebrew Learning Circles

No description

Pitch Kitchen

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Hebrew Learning Circles

Hebrew Learning Circles Innovative Jewish Community for Children & Adults What would a synagogue without walls look like? Continuity Community Spiritual
Development Jewish Knowledge History Philosophy Bible Talmud Kabbalah Customized
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Would participation in a smart, creative and innovative community with like-minded persons match “your speed”? Have you been wanting to know more about Judaism? Do you believe in a common humanity that transcends differences? Is spiritual development an interest and/or a priority for you? Inspirational
Anywhere Does the continuity of a vital Jewish culture and spirituality matter to you? Would you welcome a communal platform where you would be free to ask your biggest questions? Does the option of providing your children with home based Jewish education along with a small group of peers sound appealing? Does adult Jewish learning along with Shabbat and holiday celebrations in the cosiness of a home sound appealing? Join our Sustainers Circle Enthusiasts Circle Supporters Circle Chair for Outreach &
$26,800 per year Chair for Innovation in Jewish
Education & Curriculum Development
$36,900 per year Chair for Spiritual Development
$56,000 per year Current Sponsorship Positions Two free tickets to the Hanukka party Two free tickets to High Holiday Services
Two free tickets to the Hanukka party Four free tickets to High Holiday Services
Four free tickets to the Hanukka party No walls -
all synagogue . Location of choice Circle $360 per year, or $30 per month $1,200 per year, or $100 per month $3,600 per year, or $300 per month Hebrew Learning Circles Innovative Jewish Community for Children & Adults Bello Chair for Grant Writing & Development
$5,000 per year FILLED UNTIL SEP 2013 We provide empowered access to Jewish education, celebration, and spirituality for the independent Jewish and interfaith family. Bringing transformational Jewish education into the home and the full spectrum of religious services and ceremonies to a family’s location of choice, is our focus. We encourage and facilitate a grassroots approach to Jewish learning and community. Hebrew Learning Circles Life cycle & year cycle celebrations. Spiritual & grief counseling. A grassroots Jewish community. Home centered Judaism. Are you and your spouse of another faith-tradition interested in Jewish education for your children? Home
Learning For kids Multi-Faith http://www.hebrewlearningcircles.com Do you appreciate prayer services that are musical, spiritual, participatory, and engaging? Do you want your child to prepare for a Bar/t Mitzvah ceremony that impacts him or her profoundly and positively? To that end, we offer our membership four types of activities:

Small size Jewish educational classes for children and adults who meet weekly at the home of a host family. We call them learning circles.
Private tutoring for Bar/t Mitzvah and other. These sessions meet after-school in the homes of students or remotely by video conferencing (Skype, iChat, AIM, etc).
Communal holiday celebrations. We hold cultural/religious events that are open to the public as well as to our registered families at a home or a rented venue.
Prayer services to mark special life cycle moments such as, Bar/t Mitzvah, Hebrew naming, wedding, healing service, funeral, etc.

Our staff and faculty along with parent and student volunteers organize the holiday celebrations. The Rabbi conducts services and life-cycle celebrations as well as offers counseling and pastoral care as needed. A. Click the "screen" icon on the bottom right of the page for "full screen view"
B. Click the "forward arrow" at the bottom center of the page to view the presentation
Find out all about affordable synagogue membership in an exciting new Jewish community model that may just be right for you!
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