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Kerry Miller

on 27 September 2013

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In the Beginning
The Oldest Tigers
The earliest traces of tigers were found in China about 2-millions years ago, the remains were smaller than modern day tigers.
It is said tigers originated from Saber Tooth.
Odd One Out
Sumatran Tiger is very different from the other species out there. In theory, they were isolated from other tigers more than 12 million years ago due to a rise in the sea level.
Ancestor of the Tiger
Proailuris was said to roam the Earth 30 million years ago.

Ancestor of the Tiger
The Pseudaelurus were said to roam the Earth 20 million years ago
Special Tigers
Exsiting 30 million years ago
lived in Asia and Europe.
weighed about 9kg
had long tail, large eyes, sharpe teeth and claws
Exsisting 20 million years ago
Lived in Europe, North America and Asia.
Different from the Proailurusis, it had a more slender form and short legs to help its ability to climb
Special Tigers
Pleistocene Tiger
Exsisting 5 million years ago
Was classified in the Felidea family
Exsisting 2 million years ago
Were priarily in S.E. Asia.
They were bigger than mordern day tigers with massive jaws and fangs.
Weighing about 490kg
Special Tigers
Within the last 250,000 years tigers body size have gotten smaller due to their prey becoming smaller.
Why they look different
Tigers look different because of seperation over a long period of time
Food Changes Tiger
Zebras have evolved just like tigers. so the fast zebra (an example of a food sourse) became the faster tigers had to beome.
Tigers Coats
Tigers in the cold weathers of Russia have evolved to have thicker more shaggy coats compared to Tigers in warmer climates grow short, dense coats.
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