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No description

Alois Trancy

on 19 April 2016

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Transcript of Whitby

Why People Like To Visit Whitby
People like to visit Whitby because
there are lots of things to see there.
Many people come to see the famous
landmarks. The cafes and fish and
chip shops are very popular and get
lots of visitors everyday.
Types Of People In Whitby
There are a wide range of people that
come to Whitby. A lot of the people
here are tourists. Other people that
come here are goths, travelers and
There are lots of places in Whitby that were
there before people started building on and
living here. Some of these places include the
beach and the cliffs.

Whitby Community
Whitby is a lovely seaside town on the coast of North Yorkshire. It is a very popular place. There are lots of different places to go to suit your interests.
Famous Places In Whitby
The Whitby Abbey is one of the most famous
places in the town, and its back story is really
interesting. The museum is a attraction in
Whitby that people of all ages enjoy visiting.

Natural Places In Whitby
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