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No description

Veronika Fritz

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of City

Vertical City
Blade Runner
Urban Future Noir
poor people on the ground level
the higher the class the higher they are located in the city
quintessentially dark
developed in times of civil rights movements, and political protest
Patrick Moser
Veronika Fritz
Cities on the Edge of Time
contemporary setting is somehow influenced by the arrival or invasion of alien beings
by some invention which profoundly alters normality.
concerned with technological change and development, with scientific experiment, with social, climatic, geological and ecological change.

Science fiction - a definition
Science Fiction a term that is not easily defined
it is often mixed with other genres
deals with imagined technological progress and social changes.
The fictional story
may be located in another world
may be told about
a future, contemporary or former setting.

How does this apply to what we have talked about?
Urbanity and Science Fiction

Coruscant - Star Wars

Los Angeles:
rainy, darkness
social tension: replicants vs. humans
a failed city
crowded city
a not so American city
Bu Katman, Scott (1997).
Blade Runner
. London: British Film Institute.
Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory
. Penguin Reference.
Why do you think New York is used as a model for Gotham?
"Sin City's where you go in with your eyes open, or you don't come out at all."
Urban Future Noir
Punk Movements
Science Fiction
City Quiz
"Yesterday's Tomorrows"
Vertical City vs Urban Future Noir
verticality (
class segregation (
The Hunger Games Trilogy)
quintessentially dark (
Blade Runner
Sin City
noir elements
retrofuturistic elements (
The Hunger Games Trilogy
Technological Revolution as driver
Steampunk (
Dieselpunk (
Mad Max
Cyberpunk (T
he Matrix
isolated spaces that need a hero (
The Dark Knight Trilogy, Superman

...and a fantastic discussion
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