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No description

Greta Schwiesow

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of Love

By Greta, Emily, Kaya, Oscar
Ways love is shown
when two people get married they are often different ages
the bigger the age difference, the more differences they have
ex: education, social status, financial situation
Love in the Media
Media portrays love to have little to do with real life
marriage is portrayed as distinct from romance
people use techniques in media on their own relationships
Affects the way people view love
makes love seem quicker than it actually is
you talk to the people you love differently
you say 'I love you' differently to your parents than to your bestfriend
doesn't mean you don't love them the same
Arranged Marriage
Age differences
Differences in showing affection
How often you should date
European countries based more around women initiating
Some countries very affectionate, others not at all
Love around the world
Love can be shown in hundreds of ways.
Some ways are holding hands, compliment eachother.
Give kisses and hugs.
Show how much the other means to them.
How you talk to the people
you love
How age affects love
Works Cited
Love has been around for as long as we can remember, although the way it is viewed has been different. Who you are talking to, how love is expressed and even where you live changes love. In the play
Romeo and Juliet
by Shakespeare, love is shown as a universal and timeless, in many diffferent scenes and situations.
Steps in a relationship
Starting to talk to the person and get to know them better
Become good friends
Start to show your real feelings
Start dating
Build up the relationship for a couple years
Eventually marry
Love is can be portrayed in many different situations, such as shown in the play
Romeo and Juliet
by Shakespeare. For example the Love between Romeo and Juliet is much different than the love between Romeo and Mercutio.
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