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Jarron Mah

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of GLOBAL WARMING

Why Global Warming?
Are there Solutions?
Look Outside by: Chirag Kapoor
Some scientists believe that the Earth can be saved from Global Warming. We personally believe this is difficult to achieve for a few reasons:

Both of these things cannot be undone, which means that even if we stop immediately, sufficient damage has already been done and we would only be postponing the inevitable.

Look Outside, see the trees
Watch the flowers in the breeze
Things won't be like this in a year or two
If polluting is all we do
Seize the night
Seize the day
Things won't always be this way
Thousands of people are dying
In the night you hear children crying
Let's stop the war
Our people are sore
The world can't help itself
Who cares about your wealth?
Help me to help you
Show the world what you can do.

Global Warming is a problem everywhere
Thursday, November 20, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
CO₂ Emissions
& Greenhouse Gases
The Lorax is a children's book about a mystical creature that speaks for the trees and teaches us the importance of nature and keeping it the way it is.

We chose the Lorax as a literary example because it teaches children about the importance of nature and what can happen when people become consumed by greed.

The Lorax relates to Global Warming because it tells the tale of a man who became consumed by greed. He cut down all the trees and regretted it for the rest of his life. This relates to real life because Global Warming is a large concern for future generations. If the human population doesn't act soon, there will be no future.
The "Greenhouse Effect" is what keeps our planet at a livable temperature. When heat from the sun hits the Earth, it warms the planet. The surface cools down by emitting infrared radiation, but before the radiation can get into space, Greenhouse gases absorb some of it. This results in the warming of the atmosphere.

This can be a problem because human activity is constantly emitting more and more Greenhouse gases like CO2 into the atmosphere. The buildup of these gases causes more of the Sun's heat to be trapped in the atmosphere and less to be released into outer space, causing the global temperature to increase.

Carbon Dioxide Levels
Since the industrial revolution, the burning of fossil fuels has emitted roughly 500 billion tons of CO2.
China is one of the biggest Carbon emitting countries with anual increases in the double digits.
The Lorax by: Dr. Seuss

The author of this poem starts off by talking about the beauty of nature and its products. He then points to the near-future, and says that the wonders of nature will be a thing of the past if all we do is constantly pollute the Earth.
A big factor in the Global Warming issue is human selfishness & stubbornness. Humans as a whole, dislike change. Whether it be personal habits, routines, or simply convenient things; most of the time making some of these changes puts us far outside of our comfort zones.

The people of the world are selfish and self-centered. Money and convenience are the driving forces behind this. A big example of this is the industrial sector. The factories that produce our goods or give us energy are constantly sending contaminants into the air. Furthermore, another example is deforestation.

Keeping this in mind, a possible solution is to try and do the little things. Things like recycling, taking public transport, cutting down on usage, reducing waste etc. These are examples of things that aren't very intrusive of our daily lives should we choose to do them. If everyone contributed just a little by doing this, a lot of damaging effects from humans can be waned.
We chose this topic for social criticism because Global Warming has been a big topic of discussion around the world this past decade. Because our world is constantly changing and becoming more advanced, the world is becoming more polluted as a result of the factories & power centers that keep cities and industry running. Because Global Warming is such a controversial and broad topic we thought it would be a fun and interesting topic to do research on.
Our atmosphere already is far too polluted
The Ice Caps are melting, raising the water levels
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