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on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

My book is on
This is the last book of a six book series
( And for future question yes I like the book enough to read the entire series twice)
The mane character is Drew and his friends in books 2-6

Because in the first book it's only Drew narrating
Here are the
allies of drew
on the left side
And the allies
of the evil cat
lords on the right side

Count Vega: wereshark
Baron Bose: werewhale
Casper: son of count vega, werehawk
florimo: navigator weretern

Some Were lords of the sea
Some Frog lords of the Bott marshes
Kholka: werefrog, marsh man
Shilman: werefrog, kholka's wife
khilik: son of shilman and kholka
Shoma: werefrog, leader of the marshmen
Some Were lords of Brackenholme
whitley: daughter of bergan, were bear
duchess rianer: wife of bergan, were fox
duke bergan: leader of brackenholme, were bear
Baron redfearn: brother of
bergan, were bear
some Hawk lords
Lady Shah: healer, hier to windfell hawk lord
Count Carsten: leader of the hawk lords
Baron Caum:leader of the
hawk lords
( yes there are two
leader's they are
Some Were lords of the
king Faisal: king of Omir, were
Vizier Barjin: Faisal closet adviser, were jackal
Kara: Faisal youngest daughter, were
Bastian allies
lady opal: beauty of bast, sister of onyx were panther
lord chollo: were cheetah
high lord tigara: elder of tigers
grandfather of taboo, weretiger
taboo: gladiator in scoria were
Other living werelords
Duke Henrik: lord of ice garden were polar bear, cousin of Bergen
Bethwyn: lady in waiting for lady greta
lady Gretchen of hedgemoor: Drew's freind, were fox
lady Greta: magister, sister of henrik, were polar bear
lord Conrade: werehorse
lord Eben: wereram
Krieg: gladiator of furnace wererhino
The behemoth: gladiator of furnace
Duke brand: werebull
Miloqi: seer, werewhite wolf
Mikotaj: miloqi brother, werewhite wolf
Baron mervin: ruler of robben,
bethwyn's father

Some stag lords of stormdale
duke Manfred: were stag
lord Reinhardt: son of Manfred were stag
lord Milo: son of Manfred, were stag
Magister Wilhelm: healer,
hector's uncle , were boar
some of Dead people
Wergar: dead king of westland, were gray wolf, Drew's father
Amelie: dead queen of westland, Drew's mother widow of Wergar, were white wolf
Earl Mikkel: brother of duke manfred,
Baron ewan: brother of lord eben, magister, wereram
lord dorn: son of duke brand,werebull
Red rufus, great friend of drew,
Mack and tillly ferran: drew's
adoptive mom and dad

Trent ferran: Drew's adopted bro, wolf knight
Djogo: mercenary slaver 5 in command
captian eric ransome: 2nd in command of maelstorm boat
baba soba: wisewomen of romari
bo carver: lord of theives
lars steinhammer: sturmish blacksmith
Ibal:allied with bergan
General Rueben Fry: archer for

Human allies alive

Were Cheetah
Were Frog
Were Rhino
Were Stag or Ram
Were Hawk or Eagle
Were Fox
Were dragon
The most powerful were animal.
They are extinct. The next in line to rule is the black wolves. Dragons have power over the elements and have the greatest magical healing and destroying power!!!!!!!!!!!!
Were WhiteWolf
Were Black wolf
Now that's an action shot :)
Up top is the use to be good Hextor/ Vincent's allies
The Some of Allies of Hector/Vincent
Baron hector: dark magister, rulur of redmire and ugri and sturmland,wereboar
The WereCrow's
The Ugri warriors
Vincent vile: hector controls him vincent is his brother until hector killed him by accident, use to be wereboar
lord Flint: Son of lord Croke killed by hector
no human allies he controls the dead evan a few dead ugri warriors( the rest are in Ugri, smart right:)
Lots of the dead
he took over Sturmland that's were the dead came from also known as children of the blue flame
Some of the werelions of leos
high lord leon: elder of lions father of leopald, grandfather of king lucas, werelion
leopald the lion: father of lucas "king" of westland killed by lucas,use to be werelion
( why would you kill your own father?)
Lucas: self crowned king of westland, complletly, crazy killed his own grandfather(that's later in the story) werelion
(now I see how)
lord luc:nephew of Leon, elite lion quard, werelion
lord lex:nephew of Leon, elite lion quard, luc's brother werelion
They had a disagreement
(The panther's probably took the tiger's and the lions cat food:)
Some of the panther
lords of Braga
High lord Oba: elder of panther's, werepanther father of onyx and opal
Lord Onyx: beast of bast, werepanther
General primus: cousin of onyx, werepanther

Some of the werelord and human
allies of the Panthers
lieutenent Ithacus: high lord oba's messenger, werevulture
Count Costa: in onyx's war council, werevulture
General Skean:in onyx's war council, werecrane
General Gorgo:in onyx's war council, werehippo
Baron Overmier: in onyx's war council, werebuffalo
Lady Giza:in onyx's war council, weregazelle
Sheriff Muller: Bandit lord in onyx's war council
Major Krupha: in onyx's war council, redcloak commander
Lord Urak: Apelord
Some of the werelord and human
allies of the Panthers
Vanmortan: last king ratlord,wererat
lord ingus: rulur of the furnace,werecrocodile
mashal scorpio: leader of bastian navy, captian of bastian empress, werefish
( bastian empress is a ship):
That's a lot
of sources
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