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Transcript of DIALOGUE

DIALOGUE -Luzma Hello, nice to see you. -Hello glory. I come from Mom's house, as I care!
-"I had a wonderful mother, we care with dedication and preparing delicious food. When we -were girls drank buttermilk. I liked a lot. Not now. But I have two daughters that I love. For my mother understood that children are brought up with discipline and love.
-"That's right.
- You're hurt! When I pass?
-Last week. someone started throwing sand and slipped. Now I'm better.
-I invite you to a family meeting next weekend. Come my sisters, my nephews, cousins and our uncles. You have to come! -Where are going to meet?

-In my house. you can not miss. It will be the best. My family considers you a lot.

-I'll be there. The pass very well.
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