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Copy of Corn Prezi

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Beth Carter

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Corn Prezi

Corn Vocabulary
History of Corn
Indian Corn
Clay Corn Lesson
Today you will be making a
clay sculpture
You will be making a
in the shape of corn
You will be adding
to the form after
the clay in the way that many Native Americans created pots to store corn.
After the clay has been
bisque fired
one time, you can add color and a husk to the top your ear of corn.
Human-grade corn can be processed into grits, meal, and flour.

Grits are the coarsest product from the corn dry milling process. Grits vary in texture and are generally used in corn flakes, breakfast cereals, and snack foods. Brewers’ grits are used in the beer manufacturing process.

Corn meal is an ingredient in several products including cornbread, muffins, fritters, cereals, bakery mixes, pancake mixes, and snacks. The finest grade corn meal is often used to coat English muffins and pizzas. Cornmeal is also sold as a packaged good.

Corn flour is one of the finest textured corn products generated in the dry milling process. Some of the products containing corn flour include mixes for pancakes, muffins, doughnuts, breadings, and batters, as well as baby foods, meat products, cereals, and some fermented products. Masa flour is another finely textured corn product. It is produced using the alkaline-cooked process. A related product, masa dough, can be made using corn flour and water. Masa flour and masa dough are used in the production of taco shells, corn chips, and tortillas.
Milled Corn Products
Indian clay corn lesson
Native Americans
Most people think of corn as starting with the Native Americans, but Indians in central Mexico
developed corn from a wild grass over 7,000 years ago!
When Columbus arrived in the New World, Native Americans had already been growing corn.
They called it maize. They learned the right time to plant for their particular climate. Some of
the corn was eaten fresh, some dried, some saved for seed, and some ground into meal on a
flat stone called a metate.
Many tribes boiled the tiny, tender corn in the husks and ate the ears whole. Others ate corn
on the cob, or popped it! Northern tribes cooked corn with beans and called it misickquatash,
which we call succotash today.
Native Americans stored corn for the winter - it was their main food, and their lives depended
on it. Corn was so important to them, various tribes prayed to the Corn Gods they believed had
sent it to them. They had festivals at planting and harvest times. They chanted and made music,
and each tribe danced its own Corn Dance. Some tribes, such as the Pueblo of the Southwest,
considered corn as one to the three sacred foods (along with beans and squash), and some
groups even worshipped it.
Corn Kernel
I can:
Learn about the history of corn.

Learn about Native American Pottery.

Learn how to make a clay form, and
use tools in a safe and responsible manner.

Learn how art connects to my world's
history and culture.
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