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Fahrenheit 451 - Allusions to Ecclesiastes

No description

Josiah Sherk

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Fahrenheit 451 - Allusions to Ecclesiastes

Near the end of Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury makes an allusion to the Book of Ecclesiastes
Is one of the books of wisdom in the Old Testament of The Bible
It teaches one how to live a meaningfull life
The meaninglessness of wisdom

The corruptness of man

The sorrow of wisdom
Wisdom can be meaningless too
Wisdom only enlightens

It doesn't actually solve anything [on its own]
Fahrenheit 451 - Bradbury's "Meaningless" Allusion
Written by King Solomon of Judah
It also discusses...
Man's ways are corrupt
Men are doomed to continue making the same mistakes over and over
Wisdom Entails Sorrow
With wisdom comes sadness

Because the wise see the way things really are
Many of the themes in Ecclesiastes parallel the characters and events of Fahrenheit 451
Montag's Meaningless Wisdom
At first, Montag did not know how to use his wisdom
It was meaningless until he used it to take action
The Crooked Ways of Man
Montag's society reflects a history of humans making the same mistakes
It is never clear whether Montag actually changes the way the society thinks
The Deception of Montag's Society
Although wisdom brings sorrow it is very necessary
People in Montag's Society are forbidden from reading books because it makes them sad
Bradbury used an allusion to Ecclesiastes to...
Illustrate the transformations that took root in Montag in a way that is understandable to the reader
Show the development of Montag's wisdom and character throughout the novel
Explain how the corruption of man created the dystopia that Montag was living in
Expose how people in Montag's society were being decieved
...and how we may be being decieved today

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