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Five Nights At FreddyS

No description

Cyrus RI

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Five Nights At FreddyS

This night is only for skilled players so if you don't know how to play still keep playing night1 and night2 night3 is the hardest skilled map if you wanna try to do it right away be my guess and try to master it .
Maybe your like who's that on the phone thats the guy who worked there for a long time. Any way when you get to the middle of the call he's gonna tell you that the animals are on this walking mode at night and they will go easy on you but you just wait.

Night two it might seem that you think your boss but trust me it gets alot harder any way you guys should know if your having trouble theres a sign that says Lets Celebrate Freddys there on the sign press his nose if foxy comes press the nose! Foxy will come some times if your camera says its me! Close the door to the left and do it quick
Night 4 is hard don't worry if you got into the game they will be more where that came from they will be alot of jump scares now since its night4
All About Five Nights At Freddys BY Cyrus
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