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John Locke

No description

Shelby Seyerle

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of John Locke

John Locke was born August 1632, and died October 28, 1704. He was an english philosopher and a physician, regarded as one of the most influential of all enlightenment thinkers. He was also known as the "Father Of Classical Liberalism". In 1647, he was sent to Westminister School in London. After completing his studies there, he was introduced to experimental philosophy and medicine, being studied at other universities, including the Royal Society, then eventually became a member. Locke got his bachelor's degree in 1658, then his master's degree in 1658. John Locke had wrote 'Essay' and 'Letter on Toleration', both of which were published upon his return from exile. Other writings including 'Essay concerning human understanding', 'Two Treatise of Civil Government' and more, all of which succeeded in growing in popularity.
Key Terms
English Philosopher- John Locke was a very important english philosopher
Political Philosophy- study of topics, like politics, liberty, justice, property,laws, and such.
His work affected the development of political philosophy.
Shaftesbury- John Locke saved his life, by removing a cyst. Also Shaftesbury was a founder of the Whig movement, and was a gret influence on Locke's political ideas, Locke was also friends with this man.
John Locke was one of the most important philosophers in history. The French Enlightenment expressed his ideas heavily, also did the Founding Fathers of the American Revolution.
-His writins including 'Free Letter Concerning Toleration' (1689), 'The Second Tretise On Government'(1690) and others.
-He also achieved earning a bachelors degree in 1656.
- Then in 1658 he got his Master's degree.
By: Shelby Seyerle
John Locke
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