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Into The Wild

No description

Brandon Cardoza

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of Into The Wild

Into The Wild
By: Jon Krakauer
Anthoney Kalasho
Antonio Fajardo
Jonathan Truong
Yazen Sabri
Brandon Cardoza

This book is the story of Christopher Johnson McCandless who gave up all of his possesions, left all of his loved ones and ventured the country. He affected many people on his 2 year journey.
Chris McCandless
Chris was an educated college graduate who had high moral standards. He loved nature and gave up everything to be in it. During his trip he changed his name to Alexander Supertramp. He lived in the wild for two years and later, died of starvation.
Ronald Franz
Ronald is a skilled, Christian, leather worker who sheltered Chris for a period of time during his journey. He grew so close to Chris that he even offered to adopt Chris as a grandson.
Wayne Westerburg
Wayne Westerburg is the grain elevator operator who gave Chris a job in North Central Montana. Chris and Wayne were very good friends. Wayne was later arrested for making illegal black boxes for free cable.
Chris' Family
Chris' family consists of Walt and Billy, his parents and Carine, his sister. They all were affected dramatically after Chris' disappearance and death.
Jan Burres
Mcandless met Jan Buress and her boyfriend, Bob, on the road. Mcandless met up with Jan and Bob a few times and kept in touch with them through post cards.
Alaska was the primary setting in the book. Chris spent his time in Alaska before dying. Going to Alaska was his main goal for his trip. The environment of Alaska was very rough but did not cause Chris' death.
Home Sweet Home (Virginia)
Fairfax, Virginia was Chris' home town before leaving for his expedition. His parents still live in Virginia. This was where Chris attended high school before going to Emory University in Atlanta, GA.
Time of Occurrence
The events in "Into the Wild" took place in the 1980's to 1990's. However, Chris' journey took place from 1990 to 1992.
The novel was published in 1996, written by Jon Krakauer.
Significance of Title
The book is named "Into the Wild" because Chris went

the wild
. Also, in a letter to Wayne Westerburg he said, "I now walk into the wild." This is what Chris longed to do during the whole book.
Primary Conflicts
Chris vs. Nature
In this book, Chris struggled to survive the unforgiving wild and, in the end, failed.
Chris vs. Society
Chris desired to stay away from society but always found himself sucked back in.
Chris vs. Overconfidence
Chris did not know his own limits. In fact, his previous adventures led him to believe that he could easily survive the Alaskan wilderness.
Literary Devices
In, Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, the literary techniques Krakauker used in the story were imagery, similes, metaphores, and details.
The use of literary techniques helped describe the places, areas, and feelings of the characters in the book
The literary techniques also helped give more suspense to the story by showing how the struggle of surviving was crucial throughout the book.
Lastly, these techniques really brought this book to life. The book made us struggle along with Chris.
For some parts of "Into the Wild" we were very intrigued, but in many places of this book we lacked interest. Krakauer is a great writer for a magazine (Krakauer works at Outside magazine), however the book doesn't tell a story as much as it tells a very long list of facts and in many places the book drags us into completely different stories of different people such as himself or other adventurers. We do not highly recommend this book except for those who could relate to McCandless or love the outdoors.
See Ya!
"Into the Wild" by Jon Krakauer is the story of a man named Chris McCandless who is inspired by books about the wilderness and survival. He leaves all of his belongings, family, and friends to travel to many different places such as Imperial Valley, Mexico, and Alaska. Along his way, many people grow a lasting relationship with Chris and he keeps in touch with them by sending them post cards. Later in the story, Chris fulfills his dream of going on an expedition to Alaska. He took a minimal amount of supplies. Chris would have survived however, he ate wild potato seeds that made him terminally ill and caused him to starve to death.
Into the Wild!!!
Chris McCandless: Brandon
Ronald Franz: Yazen
Wayne Westerburg: Jonathan
Grain workers and Kind Mexicans: Anthoney and Antonio
Editor: Anthoney
And now we present...
Chris is introduced in the authors' note and again in chapter 3 by Wayne Westerburg. Krakauer speaks of McCandless' expedition. Westerburg describes more of McCandless' appearance and personality. Krakauer speaks of McCandless because he can relate to him. Westerburg speaks of McCandless as a very good friend.
Inciting Incident
McCandless decides to go on his journey after reading books by Jack London and Leo Tolstoy. He becomes convinced that society has nothing to offer him compared to the excitement of the wilderness.
Chris' Cross Country Journey
During his adventures, McCandless not only visits Alaska but goes to Mexico, Montana, Arizona, California, ect. These trips actually take up the majority of time he spent in the wild. This is also the most lengthy part of the book.
Chris is sociable!
McCandless touches the hearts of many people such as Ron Franz, Wayne Westerburg, Jan Burres, etc. on his adventures. These people all took kindly to Chris and were very upset when he died. McCandless sent these individuals and couples post cards during his journeys. Nevertheless, Chris was still convinced that society was terrible and he longed to escape it and cut off all of his ties he had to it.
Chris arrived in Alaska and found an abandoned shelter bus. He remained in the bus for the extent of time that he was in Alaska. He hunted many animals and was very successful until a river stopped him from returning to society.
The climax occured after Chris returned to the bus after being blocked by the river. Chris accidentally consumed wild potato seeds with a disease that causes starvation in animals and humans. During this part of the book Chris was reduced to such weakness that he was practically trapped in his body. This part makes the reader wish that they themselves could have helped Chris.
Falling Action
The falling action was when Chris finally gives up. He knew that all he could do was leave an SOS note and a farewell note. Chris died inside the bus beside a note that read, "I HAVE HAD A HAPPY LIFE AND THANK THE LORD. GOODBYE AND MAY GOD BLESS ALL!" McCandless is later found by moose hunters.
The resolution of "Into the Wild" is not in the beggining of the book. The resolution is when Chris' family and friends discovered that Chris had died. These people were relieved to know about his whereabouts but were horrified to learn of his death. The book placed Chris companions finding out about his death all around the book.
My favorite part was when Krakauer interviewed Chris' father. This part of the book gave an approach on how his father really felt about him
My favorite part is when Chris dies because I think it was selfish how Chris went on his expeditions.
My favorite part of this story is when the hunters find Chris/Alex dead. I like this because no one knows how he died which gave us sense of mystery.
My favorite part of the book is also when Chris dies because of the descriptions Krakauer uses. It is one of the only interesting parts in the whole book!
My favorite part of this book is when Chris is with Ronald Franz. I think that Chris got his best lessons from Ron and that Ron was a really great man.
Rising Action
Favorite Parts
Strong- willed
Role model
The End
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